hello (:

Sep 12, 2019
hey !
I’m new to target (3 months). This is my first job, so any advice/precautions would be appreciated.


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Oct 16, 2012
Welcome to TBR.

Do your work and don't stand around talking to other TMs about non-work related things while on the clock.

You may think there is nothing left to do, but there is always something to do working at Spot.

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Jul 20, 2014
Hi. Welcome to Spot.
Don't call off.
Know your schedule. At my store the one on the wall is the official one.
Just do your job and go home. Don't get to involved with all the meaningless stuff. Don't talk negatively about your fellow TMs and especially your ETLs.
Good luck and have some fun 🙂

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Apr 27, 2018
Don’t miss your fifth (or sixth) hour, depending on your store.
Follow the break and lunch schedule, if there is one.
Return from breaks and lunch on time.
Wear your team colors.
Follow the team member discount rules to the letter.
Follow the team member purchase guidelines to the letter.
Attendance is very important, especially during your first 90 days.

Specifically (not that you would):
Never let an unauthorized person use your discount card.
Never mark anything down and buy it yourself.
Don’t mark things down for friends.
Don’t hide clearance, hot items, or anything else to buy later.
Don’t take long breaks.
Put your things in your locker before you punch in, and punch out before you you go back to your locker.
Never punch back from lunch and go sit in the break room (It happens. Fast way to get CCA/termed.)

Good luck! Do your best and you should be fine.😁
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