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May 29, 2012
I have recently been getting trained in Guest Service but not officially. Our store doesn't have training hours available so when we're not too busy I go over there from lane. I've only been at Target for 5 months so is Guest Service considered a promotion? I feel kinda bad because there are people who have been there a lot longer than me but are still only cashiers. One thing that I'm scared of is messing up over there, Any tips? I'm only 17 is it unusual to have a minor at guest service?
Guest Service is just another workcenter for the front lanes. No promotion. Just an extra duty you can add to your personnel file. Usually stores will have 18+ yr olds at guest service because GS must be manned by someone at all times during store hours and will usually have to stay afterwards to finish GS duties. It won't hurt for you to do a mid or for lunches

Just be organized and neat with reshop.
Just follow the return guidelines.
You have the ability to deny or question a return.
Scan your defective LPs as soon as you can, don't wait till the end of the night.


Ask to do anything but GS during the holidays.
Greetings and salutations.
They don't usually use minors at GS at our store unless it's as backup.
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