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Jun 7, 2011
I need to get the soap dispenser and sanitizer installed into for my three part sink. The problem is I don't know the part number to order it so it can get installed.
Sometimes I feel like I do. I'm always there I just need a bed. But seriously I just became a tl for food ave so I need that installed.
O... I didn't know u were serious. Your sentence sounded like a personal home problem from here :)
Well if you are a tl, then you should definitely talk to your food lod. They are usually the manager's of the food department, they can definitely help you fill your orders out.

If they was only a food lod here that could help you out right now!
If you have access tipp, you can look it up for the number. Also, ask your sft person to fix it for you. There maybe a number on the old unit.
Thank you I have tried tipp,my sft and calling the manufacturer of the product and nothing. Wish me luck I'm learning food ave at the same time I learn to be tl.
Not open for further replies.