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Dec 8, 2011
some heads have rolled in my store, we've got several new ETLs and (surprise, surprise) they asked me to take over cosmetics. it's not too bad, yet. but there are two things i need replaced asap, and i can't find the part numbers ANYWHERE!

the first thing is, the white shelf liners that go on the base deck. i've flipped over the filthy ones, but that is only going to last so long.
the second item is the flat plastic sign holders/ flap thingys for the jemma kidd, pixi and napoleon sets. ours are absolutely disgusting and half of them are broken and yellowed. the thing is, i don't know if we have to replace a whole shelf just to get the plastic, OR if we can order the plastic sign thing by it's self...

can anyone help??
tried that already. the only thing that mentions the white liners is one sentence that says to only use them on the base deck.. no part #. even in the line listing.

as far as the sign holder/flap things, they are actually attached to the shelf.. with no bar code under them or around. that is why i can't figure out if we need to order entirely new shelves, just for the sign holder, or if it's under a different # somewhere. grrr. i've helped set the last few transitions in those sections and they haven't been replaced yet.

guess i'll check out another store in my area and see what theirs looks like.. or have someone e-support... idk.
I'll check when I get to work.
There is a TIPP order # from the last reset.
I ordered a box full of the 4' and 3' .
awesome, thanks! now, this is for the liners, correct? any suggestions on the sign holders? i'm looking for the flat ones, not the curved ones..
Sorry, that was for the strip holders, I'll get the liners next week.
Nice job guys! Big team! Hey FormerSpecialist, remember to knock off those two zeros for ordering the shelfliners in TIPP. 4292664 is the part number.
thanks guys! we got everything ordered, now it's just a waiting game to see if it actually comes in! lol. my tl and i were even able to find the cosmetics universal fixture guide buried in our etl's office. AFTER i spent tons of time digging thru pog line listings... boo.
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