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Hours/week for salary TMs

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by SrTLall, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. SrTLall

    SrTLall Team Trainer

    How many hours are those who are on a salary and in stores supposed to work?

    My STL was at the store less hours than I was (I'm hourly) last week. This isn't a one time thing, it's regular, and the ETLs are beginning to do the same. If you're salary and don't work your expected hours, is that an AP issue? How does one go about reporting this? It's becoming quite an issue since we are supposed to hold our TMs accountable for their attendance and TMs and TLs have been grumbling about this for quite some time.
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  2. Him

    Him Team Trainer

    :eek::mad:. I'd be shocked and upset as well one of the highest paid ppl "getting out of dodge" and leaving the manual labor for the "less fortunate" as well. That's messed up SR
  3. Rarejem

    Rarejem Team Leader

    There have been recent changes in overtime rules. The new rule requires that employers pay overtime to salaried workers earning less than $47,476 a year, or $913 per week. They are more likely than not working hours when you are not there. Your STL may also be using comp or vacation time. This is the time of year that many of ours use vacation time as there is not a big "season" like back to school or Christmas. They may have out of store meetings that they are required to attend. There are a number of reasons that they may seem to be not "at work".
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  4. Him

    Him Team Trainer

    Rarejem, could they also be "covering" for another store within the same district?? I've seen this many times at stores I've been at were ETL's have to cover other stores as there were no available key holders to do so.
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  5. Rarejem

    Rarejem Team Leader

    Sure... that is also a possibility.
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  6. OP

    SrTLall Team Trainer

    It's a regular issue and the STL, and now a few ETLs, are definitely not using their missing hours elsewhere, or for any sort of comp.
  7. On6

    On6 SR APS

    It's not an AP issue.

    And honestly it depends on how many hours they aren't working. It's a pretty slow time of the year for most stores. A lot of those people will be working 60 hour weeks come the busy times. The 40 hour work week is standard for salary employees. But overtime must be paid over 40 hours if those employees make under the threshold. That wouldn't really apply to the STL and most ETLs that have some years in because they would certainly be over that threshold.

    Unless it's directly affecting you, I would mind your own business.
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  8. pinkp2ie

    pinkp2ie Electronics TM

    My new ETL-AP... I believe works 4-5 days a week, a majority of the times working full all days shifts. I don't know why, but almost everyday he works the FULL day. I'm quite impressed, but shocked also, because our old ETL-AP would leave at 3 (4 at latest), but I see him here around 9,10 either pushing in carts or apprehended someone
  9. Logo

    Logo Team Member

    Only our Log ETL puts more then enough hours in, the rest jet or come in later whenever possible.
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  10. Jeremy

    Jeremy Team Member

    I would say it is affecting them. If the ETLs are taking Corrective action against team members who are late, leaving early and what not, and yo uhave an entire leadership team leaving hours early every day, it leaves a bad experience and honestly Id do a hotline call if I were them.
  11. HRZone

    HRZone Executive Team Leader

    Lol the hotline would call the stl or ETL HR who would know he's a snitch. He would need to go to DTL.

    One of my great friends is an STL and I will say they have to take an awful lot of work home and have meetings on meetings. My STL worked an 18 hour day last week due to an ETLs emergency. He's been on vacation a lot lately though.
  12. On6

    On6 SR APS

    In this instance salary vs hourly employees actually fall under two different sets of rules. Whether you think it's fair or not doesn't really matter. Ultimately it falls on the leadership when the store fails, not the TMs.

    And like another user stated, you really don't know what work they're taking home, when they have to stay later to cover for someone else, come in early, etc. In the end these things tend to balance out when you consider the long weeks most salary people work during the busy times of the year.

    And yea go ahead and call that hotline. You'll probably wish you didn't. Like I tell everyone at my store. Clock in, clock out, collect your paycheck, repeat. If you do that you'll most likely be fine.
  13. Jeremy

    Jeremy Team Member

    Yeah sorry to say but that hot line has actually saved several team members I know of from bad situations. One even got saved from what seemed like a sure termination. Target has to take all of those calls with priority and concern. Because one slip up and an incident comes up, that team member has more grounds to sue.
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  14. On6

    On6 SR APS

    The hotline has legitimate reasons to be used and I suggest it in certain situations. This isn't one of them. If you call because you feel leaders are leaving early it won't go anywhere. And will most likely come back to bite you.
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  15. Jeremy

    Jeremy Team Member

    Well as much as it should be anonymous it is not. But lashing out due to an "anonymous " hotline call can be pretty rough grounds for another call, and Harassment. Some states are pretty serious about it. But it is a legitimate Hotline call, just like if you reported a TM milking the clock , taking 45 minute paid breaks. ETLs , iirc, have a minimum amount of hours they are supposed to be in store working. Shoot If I had a leader who did that, and Disciplined Regular TM's for the same Id be pretty blunt about it. Thankfully I have a team of ETLS that actually work.
  16. cobycord

    cobycord Know a little bit of info about a lot of stuff

    ETLs and up are required to work a "minimum" of 48hrs a week.....but there's no time clock to punch in and out for them sooooooo :rolleyes:
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  17. Him

    Him Team Trainer

    My Etl from my old store said there was a way to "track" when an Etl is doing a shift, working, etc. Apparently this was implemented awhile ago as to it was not the normal. Apparently, Certain ETL's were either showing up late or in this case, leaving early. Is there any truth to this Coby, HLM, Rarejem??
  18. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

    I do know that there is method of tracking, my stl mentioned to an Etl, that you are working too days in a row & 2 days plus weekend off.