How do I cut down hours?

Nov 25, 2019
Now I know it’s Black Friday/Cyber week, but I’m feeling very stressed and overwhelmed. When I interviewed, I said max 30 hours, but I’m scheduled for nearly 40 hours this week and the next two weeks. But I am a full time student, and it is the last few weeks of the semester, which is the most stressful time for a student, and this semester seems more stressful than usual. I’ve been working 8 hour shifts, and they really take up the whole day. I’m either working, sleeping, or wishing that I was sleeping. I have hardly any days off as well. Here’s the thing... I just got hired. And I think I like working at Target, so I don’t want to rub my leads the wrong way this early. I want to impress them and stay a while. I got this job to make a few extra bucks, so I don’t need to be working this much. School comes first for me, and after this semester, I’m going to be starting a new one pretty much right away.

Any tips for surviving this much work while balancing life? I feel guilty for complaining about this because people are going through much worse, and I am complaining about too many hours. Also, what is the procedure for lessening my hours? I think that 20 hours would be good for me, but that would be cutting my hours in half pretty much. I feel like that would rub my superiors the wrong way and ruin my chances of staying here.


Self-checkout Bitch
Oct 26, 2016
Log in to MyTime and request an Availability change. The bump in hours especially around any holiday is tough, but if you're finding it to be too much, put it on the swap board / computer, see if anyone takes it or ask fellow TMs if they'd be willing to switch with you.
Mar 22, 2019
Your HR probably doesn’t know you want less hours. Try speaking to them first and just gently tell them you’re feeling burned out with school and all of hours working on top of it. of course you can always post a shift if you want to, I’m just saying HR talks to all of the Leaders frequently and can partner with them for some slightly more creative ways to reduce the hours you’ve been given.
1. They’ll be able to let you know if any shifts can get cut back (maybe work 5 hours instead of 8?) or even delete (woohoo a whole shift off!?).
2. They know which departments will be over staffed and which TMs are looking to pick up more hours.
Plus some shifts do have a certain amount of flexibility to them and they can be moved up/back a little, which can come times help with getting it covered.
Jun 11, 2011
Just talk to hr. Or whoever writes the schedule. Let them know 30 hours is your max especially with finals coming up. Then post a shift or two on the board.