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Sep 23, 2011
Hello everyone,

I've been perusing thebreakroom over the past week or so and thought I'd finally go ahead and register. I applied for a TL (Sales Floor) position about 10 days ago and have since had 3 interviews, 1 "coach up", and a scheduled interview with the DTL next week. I'd appreciate any advice ya'll have to give, both on my odds of getting the job, what to do in my upcoming interview, and how to quickly adjust to Target (should I get said job).

A bit of background on me. I'm a former active duty soldier, though I'm still in the national guard, and 26 years old. I'm generally a pretty happy and outgoing guy, though I can be uncomfortable in what I feel are extremely formal situations (i.e. Interviews). I've got some previous work experience, including time as a supervisor in a sales oriented company, and will complete my BBA in Marketing this Spring (2012) through an online program. I'm married, no kids, have been told I'm pretty good looking, and have a distinct southern accent (if any of that is relevant).

All of that being said, assuming you're still with me, what are my odds looking like? I went through two back-to-back interviews at one target location (both ETLs in logistics), then an interview with a STL at another location, and have an interview set up for next week w/ a (the?) DTL. I also had, what I suppose could be best described as, a "coach up" session the the HR ETL, and an ETL of Hard Lines, at the second location (following my interview with the STL), where they were simply trying to prepare me for the DTL interview. Make sense? I hope so. I'd really like to get my foot in the door as a TL and then progress to ETL when I finish my degree. As a marketing major, I've always admired Targets marketing strategy and advertising campaigns. I'd like to think my military background is important, and my record while on active duty shows my ability to lead, but I recognize that shooting a gun and selling laundry soap are two different ball games.

Thanks for any help/advice you can provide! Have a good one.
Greetings and salutations. Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on it.
It sounds like your ETLs and STL really support you, if they didn't, you wouldn't be interviewing with the DTL.

As long as your STL has a good relationship with the DTL your odds are high you will pass the interview. Remember, they are looking for someone who is accountable, and "Fast, Fun, and Friendly". Just keep those in mind with each answer, and you will do fine.
Welcome to the board, glad you registered!

If you're not looking like a good/great prospect I am sure you would have been turned down by now. I am not familiar with the process but it sounds like it's going well for you. Fill us in when you hear more!

I know next to nothing about Target, but I really doubt there would be that many people spending time talking to you if they weren't seriously interested.

Good luck.
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Your right on track to becoming a TL as long as the DTL likes you. If he does you that will be the last interview before being hired.
Thanks for the responses everyone, I'm really stoked at the prospect of getting a "real job" (the Army is a whole different animal). I figure my odds are looking good at this point and from what I've gathered, everyone I've interviewed with/met has liked me.

Any advice on things to quickly pick up on? Acronyms I need to know specifically as a TL? Methodology of important TL tasks? Anything really. I haven't worked anything resembling retail in 7 years, so while I think I can do a great job, I'm coming in to this a bit blind.
Just start browsing around in some of the sub-forums (particularly the guides) to get an idea and understanding of what goes on in the stores. When you get the position and find out where you will be TL of make sure you know your area inside and out, and we're here to help ;)
Woot! I got the job! I was told my pay was standardized (i.e. no negotiation), how accurate is that? Supposedly there's an "experience chart" that will decide my pay, base + my "experience". Does anyone know how that works? I have limited time in retail/sales (1 year aprox.), but have plenty of supervisor/management experience in the Army, would that qualify?

At the end of the day it's not that important to me, I wanted this job to help set me up/prepare me for an ETL position when I finish my degree next year. Still, making $12.00 an hour would be a bummer.
Congratulations on the job.
Very cool.Be one of the good ones.
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