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Apr 1, 2012
Ok, so I have been chosen as our new PA. Any suggestions/tips that anyone would like to share? I have a general idea as to what I'll be doing, and of course will be receiving training soon enough. But any insight would be great! :)
Damn. Sounds like a lot. I just wanted the job so i could order too many bananas and then buy them really cheap on a TPC. :D
Hi, I'm the PA at my recently remodeled Pfresh store and I can tell you that it is A LOT of work. I'm no stranger to hard work, but the workload is almost unrealistic so definitely getting a good routine down and prioritizing is a must. We just made it through our first month so I thought I would share a few things that would have helped me tremendously. First off, if you are a remodel store as ours was, try to prepare yourself for the initial food deliveries. They are massive and your backroom coolers/freezers will be packed to the max! Also, make sure that your flow team is well trained on dating all bakery products as well as the meats that come in frozen. I know our team had trouble with this at first. Your store will also probably be sending out flyers with lots of coupons in them so make sure you get a copy or at least know what's in them because those items in particular will get wiped out after grand opening. They have different waves of flyers so just keep that in mind. I wasn't told about any the first week and we got hammered hard and had a lot of outs that could have been prevented. Also, a lot of our produce, meat, and bakery items don't seem to come out in our autofills so I have to manually write them down and pull them out as I'm pushing my 7:30 freshness batches to have everything appropriately full. Along with your morning cull and cleaning, making sure bananas, eggs, and milk (if it's a non-service day) are full is a top priority. Trying to get everything done by 9:00 am for the 90 day SALES walk is tough, but it can be done and don't be afraid to ask for help. Ordering will definitely take time to get used to but if you will be using the source to fork ordering process, it definitely simplifies things. One good idea though is to do a quick walk of your meat and produce coolers prior to ordering and check dates for thing that will be expiring soon. While ordering, the pda will tell you if there are any backroom locations and the quantity, but if the dates are going to expire soon then you'll have an out if you don't order it and it's going to be qmosed. Another thing I had to learn the hard way. Also, make sure your backroom team backstocks all like items together so that the oldest date is pulled. Another tip is when flow is pushing the truck (esp. in meat and produce), have them use the pda to check for backroom locations and if there are any for that particular item, then have them not push any of the new case so that you won't have older stuff sitting in the back while new product from the truck is on the floor. Sorry this is so lengthy but there really is a lot to learn and I wish I would have had more training. We are still trying to get on track but we're doing much better now. If you have any other questions or if anyone else has any more ideas, please feel free to post them! Thanks.
After reading the responsibilities listed, NOW you should run screaming into the night...
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