I guess I will never have my own set of keys for powered equipment...

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Apr 27, 2018
I worked at places thirty years ago that required documented training.
Spot used to and were very strict about it, too. Heaven help the person caught using any powered equipment without being certified and certification required both instruction and practical training. Then we had an SD (STL at that time) and HR-ETL change, and all the old rules and standards seemed to go out the window along with all the better parts of store culture. Sad, really. 🙁


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Apr 18, 2021
Really? At my store, they showed me how to use the wave for like 15 minutes and then I got my own key lmao. Technically speaking I'm not certified on paper though.
One of my shift leaders showed me how to use the wave a long time ago, but she never gave me a spare key. She only told me that if I needed to use the wave, to let her know or to ask another shift leader...

When my old boss was there, he used to say "if the bale ever gets full, I'll show you how to make a bale!" I'm still waiting! I still joke around with my shift leaders about that, whenever they ask me to process everyone's cardboard...

Apr 13, 2013
I’ve been a member of the red and khaki cult for some time now… [redacted]

drat the following story was rather good but a little to specific. No need to give the target IT forensics team an easier day. But that opening line was rather to good not to use.