1. KillerTL

    Improving Inbound

    I am about to move from fulfillment to GMTL Inbound. The ETL is very new and inexperienced and is really struggling. One of our PP2 TLs is pretty burnt out and the other is brand new. I know that getting the GM process right will take some time so does anyone have any tips or advice on where...
  2. S

    Inbound questions... again

    A few months ago my GM ETL was super short staffing our inbound team. We would have a thrower and 3 on the line for every unload. Obviously we struggled, because at our store inbound pushes flats as they fill up. So it would inevitably become 2 on the line and one thrower and unloads would take...
  3. B

    Style Double Truck

    Hey friends- curious as to how your stores schedule for double trucks in speciality sales. Obviously we need to be there during the day for guests- but I need vehicles clear sooner than store open. do you stores have TMs coming in an hour after breakout team and push all the Z racks for the...
  4. R

    Looking up trucks ??

    I was wondering is there anyway I can look up to see how many trucks the store is going to get or is it like only management?
  5. balthrop

    Happy Fun Time

    our double trucks got canceled for today moved to Wednesday OPU team straight up not showing for work and not getting termed rehiring TMs who have walked out because we re that desperate STL looking incredibly nervous butthole ETL has never looked happier nor have they ever been this nice to...
  6. T

    Bay ramp

    fdc I’m not to sure that’s what it is called. The tail on the ramp that folds out when you are unloading A trailer. Is there any rule that it should be folded back before the truck leaves? To me that tells me if the driver is out there ready to leave or not. I thought it was a universal sign...
  7. S

    Xmas eve trailers.

    My ETL showed me the truck schedule for the week of Xmas and told me that a truck is scheduled for Xmas eve night at 6pm. We close at 8pm so how they expect us to unload and push a trailer and have the team out at a decent hr? We just went thru the whole thanksgiving thing that no one is...
  8. T

    Line setup and repacks

    How do you guys deal with repacks on the line? I created a flat for baby ssz10. They had a flat made for beauty and hba repacks and I split it into two boats for different dbos. Domestics ssz3 is on a flat. Toys ssz11 is a uboat with no shelves. Kitchen just goes on the same flat as casepacks. I...
  9. S

    How does your store schedule double trucks?

    So we recently got a new GM ETL at my store. She used to be our specialty ETL. Our old ETL would schedule extra people on double days. We'd have our normal DBO's on the salesfloor plus two or three extra pushers to push whatever uboats were heavy/filled up. Then usually 7 or 8 on inbound with...
  10. S

    Tell me about throwing the truck…

    The one thing holding me back from applying for a TL position is the fact that I will have to throw the truck. I’ve never done it before and work in another department so I’m not familiar with it. TBH, I don’t think I’m even in shape enough to do it. Please share your thoughts/experience...
  11. H

    Sales Floor Freight Efficiency Advice

    So I’ve been working at Target for awhile, and my store is kind of a wreck. I am the DBO of Men’s and also a minor. We’re super short staffed so they have me trying to work freight out in those two areas along with shoes most of the time while no one else is in men’s or active. Does anyone have...
  12. E

    O/N to 4am transition

    Hi all, I was recently told our store would switch back to 4a in wk3 in January 2022. We were 4a before this when modernization hit but switched back to "temporary O/N" during covid in February 2020. Safe to say a lot of original team members before mod switched back to O/N for our store and...
  13. F

    Truck first

    We are NOW truck FiRST, again! ‘After 2 years of repeating daily: zone first & pull one for one BEFORE pushing freight ! And being frustrated that these tasks were skipped and DBO’s were JUST pushing freight. NOW we have to remind everyone to stop zoning, forget about the 1:1, JUST push the...
  14. B


  15. A

    New Inbounds Training

    Who else has taken the new inbounds unload training? Does your store follow the safety standards? Our unload is done practically the opposite of what it says and our TL doesn't care. I thought it was the best comedy i've seen all year.
  16. T

    How does your stores overnight process work?

    I was wondering how the overnight process is going for other stores. My store is currently feeling like all the work is getting put on the overnight shift.
  17. T

    Inbound TL Advice

    I was looking for any advice any fellow Inbound TL’s have at the moment. I understand hours are tough especially for this month however I am always expected to be 100% with the truck and if not have a plan to who is going to push later in the day. Any advice is appreciated which can range from...
  18. Dream Baby

    Why so much incoming freight?

    So our store has been getting so much freight lately that we can't push because of reduced hours. I think one of two things are happening. 1) Target is basing shipments on freight that flew off the shelves at the beginning of the pandemic. 2) The DC is trying to dump freight to the stores so...
  19. T

    New line for inbound

    Hello does anyone happen to have the part number for ordering a whole new segment of the line rollers (the ones that go into the truck) we are trying to get a new one but our SD can’t find the number to order one
  20. T

    Overnight unloads

    Is every target doing overnight unloads right now or is it up to your SD? Also is it working for your store? My store is falling apart with them because we have no one to push besides the people unloading. We start at 10pm and two dbos come in before 4 to push. Even with double trucks we still...