I Quit Target


Aug 6, 2021
So a few days ago I put in my 2 week’s notice. I was off for a couple days and came back and every TL in the building knows. I’m so glad to be getting out of here. The stress, the threats, etc. I can’t do it anymore, I have a week left and can’t wait till my last day. I found a better job that checks off everything I wanted in a job. Im leaving on good terms because I might decide to go back to target one day. But hopefully they won’t try to do something petty and mark me as non rehire able. I’m a little unsure what to expect the next week so I’ve just decided to keep to myself and keep quite about why I’m leaving, where I’m going next, etc. and hopefully that will keep me away from any unnecessary alterations with anyone. It’s crazy because when I first started working here I was so excited to be be here, I know they may sound crazy but I was and it was like my dream slowly turned into a nightmare. Now I’m leaving and I feel a little upset my time here at target had to come to an end. I’m hoping to possibly apply again to a different target location sometime in the next few years. I do still love the company I just hated my location.

P.S. I posted the same post in general by accident.
Good luck with the new job! I did the same thing. 2 wks notice and I didn't tell a soul. Only HR. Slapped my name tag on the desk at TSC and walked out. I didn't need the job, did it after a successful career to keep busy. Bought a car with my 401-k.