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I'm Lost! If you hurl your guts out, do they send you home?


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May 31, 2018
Basically, wanting to know if it's "policy" or something like that, that if you vomit/throw up/hurl/emesis at Target, you automatically get sent home.

No, it's not about me. I've always wondered. I have a friend who worked in a grocery store and if they did, or they had the runs/diarrhea, they did get sent home.

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Apr 27, 2018
The rule is that you can’t work in food service if you are sick, whether or not they would send you home depends on your leaders, but they should move a food service TM out of food service at least. For other work areas, ASANTS. As a TL I would certainly give the TM the option to go home sick and encourage them to take it, but at my store leadership wouldn’t send you home for being sick. Being sent home is reserved for dress code violations...


Jul 24, 2016
kind of depends. I think "technically" speaking you just can't work in a food department, so a leader could tell you to just work on back stock and use the bathroom when you needed to. Most leaders are really accepting that someone just puked and they send you home.

where I work(Costco) it's the same thing, if you're sick you can't work in a food department. Sick like running a fever, puking, sneezing and coughing harshly and very frequently, etc. We care a lot about image so having a worker who's obviously ill would look terrible, so you'd just get sent home and you'd have to use available sick time for it to not count against you. As long as you have sick time, it's alright. Even if you didn't have sick-time(God knows where it all went?) it'd only count as a half-absence. I feel like at my Target store, it'd be a harder sell going home with diarrhea and they'd tell you to feel free to hit the bathroom whenever lol.