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Recovering Starget Barista
Nov 27, 2011
I was hired for Starbucks (though I did not apply there) about 3 months ago. I'm looking to get cross-trained over to some other front-end positions, but being a barista has grown on me. I originally thought I'd only stay with Spot for a year max, but I'm beginning to think about keeping this fairly decent job longer (especially in this economy).
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I don't know about long term at Target per say but barista is a useful skill like bartender.
You can always find work and in most places you can pick up tips.
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Back a few years ago (like 4..) when I was in Starbucks I wound up becoming the Barista Trainer over there and it was a fun experience, but I had learned the rest of the store first and moved into that position while I was still working many hours on the floor. I'm not sure how it is now but I loved messing around and making up my own drinks and getting guests hooked on what I made.. it was fun!
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