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Dec 1, 2011
I have an interview with Target this Tuesday. I was asked to interview for a management position, perhaps on the sales floor, but was told that they have stocking and retailing positions open as well. I have never worked in retail and am trying to prepare as much as possible for the interview. Would anyone be willing to answer a few questions? If so, respond here or feel free to send me a PM.

Thank you!
Lots of help on this forum, lots of TLs, Assistants, Experienced TMs, etc. All happy to help!!

Interview is pretty straight forward! Management is 3 parts, regular positions are 2 part. Questions are situational like "Tell me about a time when you..." Unfortunately we cannot share the actual interview questions due to Spot's lawyers not being friendly to this site. <shrug>

I am assuming that you have previous work experience? So use it to your advantage; good and bad. Just be ready to answer questions about time pressure, co-workers, teamwork, difficult tasks, etc. and be ready to talk about how you handled the situation and what you learned, what you would do differently in the future.

If you have any specific questions please post them, otherwise check out other threads. Try under "Team Lead and Executive Team Lead" Forum.

Interview for TL tips questions (probably best thread as most others apply to current TMs attempting to move up)
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Thank you both! Those threads are helpful. I have a quick question to ask right now. Afterward I'll make sure to read every related thread before asking more questions here.

So TM interviews are 2 part and TL interviews are 3 part? About how far apart are the interviews spaced? What are the subjects of the separate parts of the interviews?
2 for TM are one right after another, should take about 30 min.

TL interviews are a crap shoot can all go in one day if your lucky, or you can wait a week for the second and a month for the third as the district team lead has the third interview.

My guess is that they will start with the normal 2 part interview and then make their decision if they want you for leadership or not, if they do want you then you would interview with the Store Team Lead, and then the District Team Lead. Good Luck!
Dew, several of the questions I was asked during my TM interview are posted, word for word, at You might try looking for questions there.
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