Is it possible to be referred to another Target if I get laid off?

Jan 3, 2019
So I was hired as a seasonal cart attendant, but due to increasing back problems I had to switch jobs. I then was given the job of being a cashier for 3 or so weeks. I think tomorrow is my last day and I will be laid off. I was told by a friend of mine that if I don’t have a schedule for next week then I am being laid off.

I’m gonna try and stay and see if I can work a different position since I really liked working there and at target. But if there is no more positions open should I ask to be referred to the other target locations? Is it even possible?

I would like to believe that I was a good employee, I did show up late twice but I did apologize to HR who just told me to stay the time that I missed. I always did what I was told without question or hesitation, and I was always friendly with customers and coworkers.