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Aug 16, 2011
I am so sick of the idiots that work in my store, the idiot ETLs that need to get hit by a clue-by-four because they have no idea what they are doing, the STL who smiles with glee about our store being green and this and that being green yet not paying attention to the morale of the team members. I'm sick of all the bulls*it being sent by corporate where they think their stores are all rainbow-sh*tting unicorns and lollipops.

When many people are eating ramen or the provided pb and j sandwiches (if they replace the bread on time) and you're ordering Chipolte or White Castle or Saladworks or California Pizza Kitchen everyday there's something wrong. If people are coming up to you asking about rental assistance and how to apply for food stamps or section 8, then there's something wrong. If you can't have the FFF events that you scheduled on the calendar in TSC, then there is something wrong.

I have an advantage. I'm college educated. And for whatever reason I have been dilly dallying two years out of college. I had a nice government job right out of college, but that ended.

You know what's funny? Randomly I have been talking to people. I see a former classmate in Target every so often. He told me about a good paying job in the field I went to school for. A few days ago he was in and asked me "Did you apply for the job at my company yet?" One of the cashiers has a helper who looks over her. I went to school with the helper. We got to talking and she asked me for my resume. "I always like helping out fellow graduates of [my school]!" Hell, my friend had to be driven to the hospital last week. Her brother and his girlfriend came in and we got to talking when the friend's situation got less serious. He ratted out names of 12 different companies in my field that are hiring. "And for my company, use me as a reference. You're gonna get one or two callbacks if you apply to every company I told you." My cousin is a supervisor Sony rep at 22 years old! Two days ago... "Hey I got a potential job for you!" I filled out the application with a quickness.

And all these people care more about me than my STL or ETLs or any phony-smiling drone at corporate or the district do.

It's time for me to get off my ass and do something about it. All those naysayers that say "Well the economy is in the toliet..." or "Be glad you got a job." Screw that, I can do better. My mom always says "If you throw enough sh*t to the wall, something is bound to stick!"

It's time...

Thanks for reading... I just had to pump myself up.
" All those naysayers that say "Well the economy is in the toliet..."

You know, this reminds me of a conversation I had with my electronics specialist several years ago. He was telling me something along the lines of "Man, if it weren't for the high gas prices we wouldn't be so poor". I looked at him and said "Dude, we have been working here for years. We were poor way before gas went up. We are poor because we work at Target".

I am always amazed how people will blame the totally wrong things for their problems....
"You can do it!!" (hear it in Rob Scneider's voice from The Waterboy etc.)

Good luck man.
Spots got nothing on you.
Look into state or federal jobs. May not be big pay...But you do get benefits and great job retention. A lot of these positions simply require a college degree with no specific field of study.

Also look into staffing offices.

I can tell you my current position may come open soon when I get my new position.
I feel your pain. I work overnight so I am not really there when the big people are around. But the overnight ETL's are a pain in the ass. They always wonder why **** doesn't get done, when it's their fault.
Dan, thank you for this so much. I'm in a very similar situation. I have a bachelors and I'm a TM, and I watch as these ETLs, many of whom had zero Target experience, tell me I still need to prove more to become a TL. Really? You proved nothing to become an ETL. Gotta better myself. Gotta get a better job.
And it's actually not that hard to job search! It's very tedious, yes, but not impossible. My sister didn't go to college and because of who she knew, she got a job as a para in a school district. My 22 year old supervisory Sony rep cousin got the job because some guy overheard her talking about cameras to someone else at the restaurant she worked at. She went to a trade school in a vaguely related field that she works with now.

Target pays sh*tty wages but the work is easy. I have complained many times that I want to leave but then I go to bed and wake up the next morning saying "Ahh, it's not so bad." The cycle has to be broken. I feel like it's coming soon where I'm going to be able to pay my rent on time, eat out as much as I want to, go on trips, treat my friends, etc.

Anyone that wants to leave Target but doesn't know how... go on and type in a field you're interested in working. Just don't aim for retail... unless you love it, you're better than that. Fill out apps, everyday. Fill some out even if they prefer experience. Talk to people and make connections. I'm sure you will find something better! Tedious? Yes. Impossible? No!

BTW there are many jobs that promote within. Target could care less and has made me (and probably you) jaded to the fact that you cannot go up in a career. That's simply not true. Another reason to get the hell out as quickly as I can!
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Thanks Dan. I'm pretty much in the same exact situation. Bachelor's degree, stuck working at Target. I think its high time I joined you to get the h*ll out of dodge.
Mr. Dan, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Just yesterday was what appeared to be the eye of the storm at work; when everything feels not as bad as it has been. Only to walk into another day of negativity. I broke my cycle and was offered a State Government Job (I already have a B.A.), I have to take a couple classes to round off my qualifications to transfer into Investigations in a few months time since thats where I REALLY want to be working my career.

I never fully intended to stay at target when I was brought on. I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before I got my foot in the door and on the way to the career I had wanted since before graduation.
Be sure & check out Zone's thread in "off the clock". He's started a resource list for state, federal & other jobs.
You can add your own links or, if you're worried about getting 'outed', PM the info so it can be added.
Well I got a callback for the Sony rep job... Gotta do a phone interview and then a webcam one. My cousin gave me tips. It's only weekends but it's extra cash. Still banking on one of the psych jobs to come through as my main job.

You just gotta try....
Well I got a callback for the Sony rep job... Gotta do a phone interview and then a webcam one. My cousin gave me tips. It's only weekends but it's extra cash. Still banking on one of the psych jobs to come through as my main job.

You just gotta try....

Good Luck Dan. Hope it goes well :)
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