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I've been on 'the bench' for a long time

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by Nitrogenix, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, to make a long story short, I've been on the TL bench for over 8 months.

    Is this normal?

    I'm close to most of my leaders and they feed me the rumor mill to keep my spirit alive and the consensus seems to be a specific store wants me in their logistics role but they keep falling through with their commitments to term an ineffective leader (whom they've been trying to term for over a year). However, I believe they're so focused on me filling this one role they're ignoring all other opportunities for me.

    The entire development process has taken an enormous amount of time for me. I was a sophomore when I first became serious about becoming a TL and now I'm about to graduate. When I was signed off by the DTL (for the second time), I had thought things would finally move quickly. However, here I am 8 months later. By the time I receive a position I'll be qualified to be an ETL.

    Several times I've approached my STL and HR about some kind of additional compensation, as for awhile they had me doing TLOD 2-3 times a week and this 4th quarter I've been crowned the 3rd logistics TL. However, all my attempts have been met with a solid no.

    I understand payroll is down for everyone but what I don't understand is how a high-performing employee whose been signed off as TL can't be thrown a couple extra bones in a fortune 500 company. This whole thing just feels so absurd.

    Has anyone been in a similar position that might be able to offer any advice?
  2. Tl Headcount & store size are suggested to check on.
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  3. Him


    ^^ This... I can't stress that enough. Despite being signed off, passed interviews, if that title of TL is not next to your name on the daily grid, you're a (Captain) at best.. At least in regards to your current store and your current workcenter. I've seen, heard, many people "jaded" within Spot. Good luck!!
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  4. OP


    Trust me, I fully understand I'm still a team member. That is entirely the issue. I've told spot I'll go to any store, do anything.

    I doubt in 8 months there hasn't been a single TL spot to open up in the dozen or so stores in our district. What I'm asking here is it normal to keep someone on the bench for 8 months twiddling their thumbs?
  5. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    We have a SR TL who has been on the bench for over a year.

    Are you checking EHR for positions? At my store we often external hire TLs so if some one was sitting on the bench at another store we were not even considering them.

    Our SRTL is amazing and I know my store doesnt want to lose him (he is way underpaid) we have a softlines TL who makes more than he does. Could it be your store doesnt want to lose you so they arent in a hurry to get you a position elsewhere?
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  6. First of all, I'm sorry, this totally sucks. I was signed off to be an STL for almost a year and was told that I would be getting certain stores three different times, none of which even followed thru. I finally became an STL, had the best store and the best team and was told I would become an HRBP just to watch two people take the roll I was originally told I would have. It's all about politics and it's pretty freaking rediculous. If I were you, I would find another job. When I left spot I was devestated- as it wasn't really my "choice" and I really didn't think there was life outside of spot. You would be shocked how much is out there that is so much better. I literally feel like I wasted 10 years of my life and am SO much happier with my new career and not dealing with the Target BS. But sidenote- there is a 10% bench requirement, not sure if that's another reason you're still where you are
    Tangent done!
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  7. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Care to elaborate?
  8. PassinTime

    PassinTime Guest

    If you're going to graduate in May, I'd start looking for a job in my chosen career field. TL position is fine while you are working on your degree, but you can do better financially elsewhere than the $13-15/hr that Spot will give you.
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  9. Every store has to have a certain number of people on the bench.

    I was on the bench for a little over 8 months before I got a position. Part of it was due to my store wanting to keep me in the same store.
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  10. SilentCrow

    SilentCrow SrTL Logistics Flow

    I'm currently on the bench and have been for 6 months. I know transferring to another store is a pipedream, because my ETL blatantly told me he never wants to get rid of me. With that being said I've seen someone else take the position I'm on bench for because they wanted that TL out of their old department. Being on the bench means they expect the world from you without paying you for said work.

    Target may have all the time in the world to keep people on the bench but a potential $15/hr isn't worth me waiting 8 months. They're going to be devastated when I leave because they been taking their time.
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  11. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    EHR and go to a different store. In my experience, things happened a lot faster when I went in and put in for a transfer myself.

    I'm not a TL, but a company transfer, nonetheless.
  12. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Thank you!
  13. theanimal

    theanimal Hardlines Team Lead

    Highly doubt this, after I interviewed with my DTL, that weekend I was offered my position and went out for training on the next schdule and came back to take on my role.
  14. It's one thing if there is an opening. If there are no openings there is a requirement for the bench to be 10% full so that stores don't run with openings. Does this mean that every store fulfills this requirement? Absolutely not. I dealt with stores that struggled with this constantly, but the 10% was the requirement/ guideline for stores to go by.
  15. SilentCrow

    SilentCrow SrTL Logistics Flow

    There is a requirement. It's called backfill. If one person leaves or moves they have someone to fill in that spot. To speed up the process they sign people off and put them on the bench.
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  16. worst is you were in the same day interview for bench and someone you did a lot more got tl over you. i'm really salty over that.

    being on the bench is the worst part. kill yourself as a tl for team member pay or you're not a team player. when do you get paid? we'll get back to you
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  17. SilentCrow

    SilentCrow SrTL Logistics Flow

    Yep! I had the best interview and I'm still on the bench. Others did horrible but they made TL before me. I know it's because of certain positions being open over others, but it makes you feel like crap. You sit on the bench but do more than TLs because you're expected to work like you already made it. However, you not getting paying for it.
  18. BackroomAlpha

    BackroomAlpha Did somebody call for backroom?

    Been 4 months for me. I'll def not be leaving my store however. Its brought up about once a week and I think thats because they dont want me to grow weary or worn of performing TL duties at TM compensation so theyre danglin carrots to make me hop. I dont mind though. I honestly have fun at work and enjoy taking advantage of the experience of learning more and more before I'm thrown into the bullseye.
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