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Jun 21, 2011
Hi everyone, I've been with Target for just over a year now and I feel kinda foolish for not knowing about this sooner, but today at huddle I heard my team lead talking about applying on JAZZ for an internal opening at our store, I asked her what JAZZ was since I've never been informed or heard of its existence mentioned until huddle this morning. To be honest, I'm not even sure how to access it on one of the store's computers. Would someone be able to explain in a nutshell how JAZZ works and can it be used to apply for open team lead positions at my current store or area stores with team lead openings? All info is greatly appreciated!
Basically when you go on eHR on a computer at work you will click on the job openings (I can't remember what the exact name) tab on the left side. You will then find the job opening you're looking for. It will look similar to the application when you apply at Target as an outside hire. Although, there won't be many questions. This is just for people who currently work at Target.
Thanks all for the answers! It's just not something thats talked about much at our store.
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