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Dec 4, 2018
I talked to HQ about taking a medical LOA and completed the computer information that I was told to complete. I told the HR TL and HR ETL at the store level that I was taking a medical LOA, spoke to the former HR ETL about the steps I needed to take in order to take a medical LOA (he informed me to talk to corporate HQ, which I did), I told my direct TL that I was taking a medical LOA. SEVERAL people at the store level knew what I was doing. I took two months off to have surgery on my thumb. When I called the HR ETL to get reinstated, she told me that I didn't qualify for the medical LOA due to the fact that I didn't have 1000 hours worked in the year. She said she terminated me due to no show, no call for several scheduled shifts.

No one told me I did not get the medical LOA! I just assumed that it was approved and didn't intend to work for two months while I recovered from surgery.

I understand that I should have never assumed such a thing, but at what point is it somebody's responsibility (as a decent human being) at the store level to let me know that I needed to come in and complete some paperwork in order to complete the medical LOA or to take a personal LOA?

My HR ETL told me she would call me after she looked further into the situation. She never called me back. I called and left 3 messages for her to return my call. She did not. I talked to the main ETL (whatever his title is) and he told me that I never filled out the paperwork for the medical LOA.

I liked working at Target and enjoyed the team I worked with. I would like to have my job back, but they will not budge. They said I need to reapply. At this point I feel like just a number in a huge corporation that no one cares about. I thought I had several friends at the store level, but now feel like I'm being thrown under the bus and am not sure I want to work with those kinds of people.
Jun 8, 2011
You have the option to use FMLA for medical leave.
Here Is the info.
On short term disability, you need to have 1200 hours now to get it now. Don't forget FMLA.

Questions to ask. Paperwork needs to processed by your hr on type of leave or disability.
Leave of absence contact info:

What to do/Contacts

The first step in the leave process is for the team member to contact their HR partner or leader. Team members may be asked to call the Target Leave and Disability team directly at 800-828-5850, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT.
The Target Leave and Disability team handles most leave and disability administration processes for team members.
The fax number is 847-554-1660. Please include your claim number (if known) or team member ID number on your fax.


Former ETL-All the Things
Jun 15, 2011
You should’ve been informed directly by Target leave and disability if your leave was approved or denied. If you filled out paperwork to initiate a leave then they should’ve been in contact with you. You would’ve been in consistent contact with your case admin and needed to provide documentation of medical visits and restrictions.