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Oct 11, 2011
Well they have done it, if no one has heard, this has not been announced in a huddle, yet! But I overheard the ETL's and LOD's talking about an e-mail that they had recieved from corporate. Apparently after the holiday season, starting in January , Target will now be opened from 8 am until 11 pm as a regular hours of operation. Okay I know this was being tested out in a few stores last year for a month to see how well it worked for profits. So now we all get to stay an extra hour enjoying the guests company, NOT! Okay, if corporate is going to make a move like that, which is completely stupid in my opinion ,then why not just make us 24/7, then while you are it, get a new paint job of blue and brown, and change the letters of our store sign to W-A-L-M-A-R-T! I mean it seems that corporate is out of good ideas to keep up with competition. After hearing about the Christmas extension of closing time and now this, I am now starting to look for a new job, in addition to the other job that I already (which might I add is actually in my field and pays me more than Target would at my level). Thoughts?
So I assume this means Sundays we'll be open until 10? least it's more hours...kinda
we've always been open until 11/10pm ever since post-holiday '09
After reading the responses, I guess it just took time to get to other stores
Yea, well being background, it would probably mean staying until only 10 pm (only half an hour more than usual), because we usually stay until about an hour prior to closing, depending on how business is or the time of year, not this month but starting in January it will go back to that way probably. But this means we will probably need a mid day (if we need one that is) person at my store, because for a two years now it has been me opening, and then a closer or in the case of Sunday's (which are generally laid back for my store in the BR. So I have usually covered those.
My store, and about 2 others in my district, already stay open till 11pm M-Sat and 10 Sun. We started back in April. It really wasn't bad at first, because not many guests knew about it. The only promoting of the new hours I recall that Target did was just a sign when you entered the store.
my store use to be 24 hours so for us to only be open until 10 is weird. I think it would be good for our store to be open until 11 all the time.. we get quite a bit of business late in the evening.
I think the best way to look at this is the possibility of more hours..of course I'm sure instead of being scheduled 6 to 11 it will be more 7 to 12...but theoretically....
My store changed in April. Really doesn't improve sales, but it helps the closers come clean or close to it. It's nice to come in at Christmas season and not have reshop carts snaking through RTW etc. But then again, I only close on Sunday (10 pm).:beach:
Like others have stated, some stores already have those hours... mine included, so it's nothing new for me.
my store already closes at 11pm..and on sunday far its only certain stores that are approve for late hours...but to me if it was company wide decision it would not matter our store is used to it, i second that from lurker it really helps with the store coming clean on stray and a good zone
Many stores already close at 11 so this isn't really huge news.

For Target, I personally think the old hours of 8-10 are fine, though opening till 11 would mean more hours and more pay, plus benefit the guest as well who may get off at 10 and need to pick something up. (don't complain. You would fell the same way if it was you who was the guest and needed something after 10pm) Walmart, on the other hand has grocery and being open 24 hours is ensentual. Example, my walmart is the only store in the area thats open 24 hours and we get people who work durning the day or just prefer shopping when there is no one around. Sure they have to deal with our pallets but all of us are great at helping them get what they need.

Plus look at it this way. Many places don't have a walmart and Target is their only option. The average person doesn't give a damn what store they buy their things from. As long as it has good prices its all that ,matters.

But really is working past 10 REALLY a problem? Just change your hours or suck it up. But hey, if you want to stay in retial and make decent pay eirther work go to walmart for over nights. Starting pay is $9.90 or work at a cell phone store. Average $12 something plus commision or get an education and join a filed.
Why not just make it 7-11 then and change the name...:thank_you2:
I don't really see the issue with being open an hour later. My store has those hours during the holidays and when I was a closer, I didn't really mind it. When the store's open for more hours each day, there are more hours available for TMs.
Yeah my store has been opened til 11pm Monday-Saturday and til 10pm on Sunday for the past 2 years. It's no big deal and actually kinda good because that 10pm-11 hour is so slow you can get all your work done very easy.

I'm a cart attendant and whenever I stay til 11:45, I finish my cart duties by 11:15 and the last 30mins are just me helping others and getting on the LODs good side
Guest attendant, I have two jobs already (one being Target obviously) and the other being what I actually went to college for. But my other job is only part time (but could become full time soon). But I have wanted to work like for radio shack, because I would like it there a lot better, because it is dealing with product that I am actually knowledgeable of.
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