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Leaving On A Sour Note After 4 Years of Working :(

Discussion in 'Happy Trails' started by SobangchaPlz, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. SobangchaPlz

    SobangchaPlz Hands up if you feelin' the vibe now

    Hello everyone! Long-time lurker, brand-new member to TBR here. My Hotmail e-mails would never get the confirmation links, so here I am using a yahoo e-mail, finally! :)

    What a wild ride this chunk of employment has been. Target was my first employer back when I was 19, and I loved the company so much, and the store back then. Now I am singing a totally different tune, refusing to spend a penny at a Target store, let alone step into one.

    The last three months of my employment, management has plain out sucked, and I feel heavily discriminated against as my separation from Target came suddenly, for a dumb reason, and with so many hurdles trying to get MY story heard.

    Long story short, I was terminated for abandoning my job. My STL refused to take my medically legitimate call-in made the 2 hours in advance, and had me come in sick with not only my disability illness, but a cold. Apparently it was my job also to find someone to cover my call-in shift (a first, and virtually impossible with the store closing its doors a month after my call in and a good amount of our team members at new locations or working already). It was apparently my fault there were already too many call-ins, so I was punished and forced to come in. I didn't want to lose my job, so I sucked up how crappy I felt and tried to make it through my 5.5 hour shift. I ended up having to leave a little before 2 hours in because I had to stop a transaction to run to the restroom and throw up. I had clouded judgement at the time of clocking out due to my disability, and the best I could do was let a fellow cashier know that I needed to head out for a sickness related reason.

    My next shift, I ended up needing to have an emergency dental visit. For this particular shift, I was able to get coverage by "swapping" my shift with a fellow GSA that is dependable and flexible, especially when I had medical emergencies come up. I didnt call and let the store know, and I had not really had to in the recent days leading to the store closing, management was usually ok with it as long as the shift was manned with a suitable team member for the job. With the few GSA's we had, we all made sure to get our shifts covered. I never received any coachings, corrective actions, or "seek to understands" regarding frequent shift changes. I have a doctor's note for this visit.

    So here we come to the ill-fated termination day. I was at work for less than 30 minutes when I was called into an office by two ETL's. I was then told I was being let go for job abandonment. I was instructed to clock out and go home. They had the Sr. TL complete the evening GSTL shift.

    After all of this, I filed for unemployment, only to be initially rejected based on a report a third party submitted on Target's behalf filled with lies that I disproved over and over. My appeal hearing had the same results, rejection after more lies by the same ETL's that fired me. I am not giving up however. I do not want these people getting away with this.

    So with this being said, I do have some questions about policies at Target. I see there is a separate board for my questions so look forward to those... ;) Thanks for reading! I would appreciate any feedback or insight on any part of this from anyone.
  2. Sorry about your store closing. Be ready to fight spot. It sounds like you have documented well. Hey @commiecorvus, your presence is requested.
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  3. OP

    SobangchaPlz Hands up if you feelin' the vibe now

    Thanks! I felt fully confident in my documentation. Apparently it was not enough for unemployment, or the hearing officer, as I debate filing a second appeal on the decision. I have a couple approaches to this next fight, but it would involve me throwing a current TM under the bus to prove a point... and some internal work to acquire certain documents. It's all such a headache.
  4. Keep on fighting spot!
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  5. CoquiAzul

    CoquiAzul Sr. Team Leader

    What was your position?
  6. OP

    SobangchaPlz Hands up if you feelin' the vibe now

    I was a cross-trained TM. When I was termed, I was GSAing due to an immediate need for one until the store permanently closed.