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    I wanted to get everyone's opinion on this. Granted I know every day is different and "things" come up. In my humble opinion, I personally do my absolute best to leave on time. Back when I was a TL, my number one priority was to get my workcenter finished before their shift was over. If that was unattainable and couldn't be done, if they left their schedule shifts, obviously I would not be upset they left. It was after all, their schedule, so why should I be upset? Thoughts please?
  2. Xanatos

    Xanatos Starbucks TL

    I expect my team to leave at their scheduled time. I expect to stay late for 95% of my shifts.
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  3. Kartman

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    I never leave on time. Every extra minute helps...

    I'm still working on making my first million!
  4. If people aren't willing to stay 10-15 minutes later to finish up, then screw them, find a way to hire someone that will.

    If TMs regularly have to stay longer than 10-15 minutes, then either scheduling isn't being done properly or TMs aren't being productive.

    The younger TMs at my store generally try to leave on time or early because apparently they don't like money and are still functioning off of a high school mentality. The older generations generally take more pride in their work and want whatever they are participating in to be successful; these TMs are, more times than not, willing to stay to see the job get done.
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  5. Yetive

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    Maybe 92%, lol.
  6. Kartman

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    I work through my break all the time.

    Stoopid me...
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  7. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    I'm generally scheduled for 40 hours, and I know I'll get bitched at for going over or having to cut out early at the end of the week, so staying late isn't really an option.

    I aim to start wrapping things up 30 minutes before my shift ends, and it works out fine most of the time.
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  8. I always leave at my scheduled time just because I thought it was rude to have them pay me for extra minutes I was not signed up for. Also I don't want to be there a minute longer than I have to lol
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  9. Be team player & ask to stay. Job security for seasonal folks.
  10. Lazy

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    I usually leave on time. The last month...nope. pretty much been working 10-15 hour days.
  11. PassinTime

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    My shifts during the week are usually closing so I have little input into when I get to leave. Depends more on when the LOD has all the guests rounded up and funneled up to the front.

    When it's 20 min. past my departure time, please don't expect FFF, it's just fast.
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  12. SilentCrow

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    Problem at my store is we are in a city and public transit is what almost everyone takes. The store closes at midnight and then you have 7 mins to catch the last bus. Most TMs can't stay pass their time and most TLs can't either. ETLs will have to step in or else everyone will miss their bus. Missed the days we didn't close at midnight.

    All other shift TLs usually stay pass their time however our STL has been getting strict lately and will walkie us to clock out. Some days you're allowed to stay behind to help out, other times you can't. Technically if they schedule you a certain time you should be able to leave on that time. ETLs I can understand because they're salary.
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  13. AdItemOnly

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    if theres something to actually do sure ill stay, im already there
    if its reshop or zoning or some crap im out
  14. Leaving on time should be the goal. Since Target runs on hours given per department it's the responsible thing to do. Communication is the key and a tm needs to be telling their tl if they think they need to stay later, or to let them know what didn't get done.
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  15. I had words with an ETL about this topic. I was scheduled 6-2:30 and didn't get out til around 4:30 because the work wasn't done due to certain people working slow. Its nit fair. When I close the sales floor, sometimes we have to stay up til 2 hours after we close which is waaay past when I'm scheduled to leave. ETL goes "well, that's retail!" ugh.
  16. Look at it like it's more money in the bank. However, I believe it's illegal to discriminate against someone (reduce hours, coach, etc.) who leaves at their scheduled time. So, until your store raises the bar and coaches the slow-moving TMs, there is nothing they can do to you if you elect to leave at your scheduled time (be ready to burn some bridges with fellow TMs and leaders if you elect to do so).
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  17. Normally I'm happy for the extra hours, which often turn into OT. I really don't want to burn any bridges, but I am a grad student and needed time to work on my school stuff. The day I was supposed to get off at 230, I had a commitment after work and wound up late. It isn't right.
  18. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Then you just leave. NEVER put Target ahead of other commitments.
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  19. Unfortunately, $$=school and work=$$. Can't afford to lose this job.
  20. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Yeah but they won't fire you for leaving on time. Now if you knew you needed to leave, but stayed anyways to make more money, that's totally different and that's on you for making yourself late.
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