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Jun 26, 2011
Hi all! I'm new to posting on the board, but I've been lurking for about a year (made my account right before the old site crashed and never got around to posting). I'm going on 3 years at Target, former Greatland, current PFresh store. I started as a cashier/guest service TM, now I'm mostly in the Fitting Room or on the Salesfloor (I'm the softlines queen, but I'm also just as solid in Hardlines). I'm crosstrained in Electronics and also frequently relieve the GSTLs. Can you say 'global'? Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hey!
And we've been watching you - now take that red shirt off and put on your Jammie's and relax
Welcome to the non-lurking section of The Break Room! We have goodies here. :D
Oooh I love goodies! You guys sure know how to make a girl feel welcome! :so_happy:
Not open for further replies.