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Aug 18, 2012
I just started at target and was asked to come in a few days (the schedule was not yet created). I was not called back for the remaining period between the creation of another schedule. So I go look at the new schedule. And i see the 'Missing PUnches' report list. And my name was on it! I was not even scheduled to work on the days i see my name listed for missing punches.. Is this normal?


Talk with your TL/HR right away, might be a scheduling goof.
Jun 24, 2011
frequently, this scenario happens:

team member comes in, walks up to the time clock. Enters team member number. Works shift. Punches out at the end of the shift.

but the team member doesn't know that they were not keyed into MAX, and the team member since they were new, didn't realize the clock didn't accept their start work punch.
for some reason I still cannot figure out, when the team member punches out MAX moves that punch to a different day, usually the previous day. This happens even if the team
member didn't work on that previous day.

This happens frequently with new team members because we have to wait overnight after orientation to key your expected shifts into MAX. Sometimes, no one gets a round to entering them.

Just so everyone knows, MAX will always allow your lunch punches and your end work punches, even if you are not scheduled that day.

Just go in and explain to your friendly hrtm, they can show you how to correct the punch to get paid. I ask new team members to get in the habit of keeping your schedules that
you wrote down, just so you can go back and see what you actually worked.

Let me know if this helps or not.
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