My store no longer allowing us to stay up late on days before we open

Here is my thoughts on this: #1. NO ONE would be able to do bedchecks for all their employees unless they were living in the same apartment complex, or a campus type setting. One could call, but that doesn't mean they are in bed. #2. How are they to know if one has been on a roller coaster prior to your shift?

Now as to the OP, I think this was posted as a joke to see what type of responses, he or she might receive. Might be best if we ignore it and move on. I did view other posts by this person. Perhaps their account has been hacked. Perhaps not a post made by him/her.

Just my thoughts, I've been wrong before. I could be now as well.
Ha! I get only 2-3 hours of sleep before work and I'm work 4am Logistics Backroom.

Really, really bad habit of mine. I usually get my 8-9 hours of sleep on my days off. My set schedule is work 5 days straight, then 2 days off. Been like that ever since I started Target (and thank god they never touch/change my availability)