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Yeah I'm not posting this in the site-related area because the most traffic is here and I want maximum input.

I'm drafting a mission statement for the site; just something simple so we know what we're about and we can speak to our existence should anyone from corp ever wonder why we're around. Yes - that's a low-profile scenario but I feel like there's no harm in having one.

This is what I have so far
The Break Room is a gathering place for past and present team members to ask, answer, commiserate, and grow; the team spirit we develop here enables high-quality partnerships in our work.
What do you think? I'm open to any and all feedback.


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Nice start but a tad long winded.

"The Break Room is a communications hub for team members, past or present, that let's us develop our skills and spirit."


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The breakroom is a unofficial community for past, current or future team members to seek a variety of work related or off the clock topics. The community helps deliver team spirit and high quality partnerships for all members.
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