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need Work injury advice

Sep 1, 2019
i twisted my ankle while doing a order pick up for a guest on Saturday and reported it to HR/TL as soon as i could, and let the closing ETL on Saturday know that it could be a possibility that i may call out on Sunday (my next shift) due to being unable to put weight on my ankle for longer periods of time.
honestly I even riced it while I was on my 30 on saturday.
I am not sure what I should do now.. as it's still hurting pretty bad and my TL's don't really seem to care.


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Apr 30, 2017
Ask HR ehich clinic they want you to go to. This will prompt them to fill out an incident report.

You will probably be drug tested, so if you're going to fail the drug test you will want to consider your next steps.
Is the ehich clinic in all 50 states?
also, what kind of name is ehich?