New External ETL Here!

Sep 12, 2021
Hi Everyone!

Joining the team as an SE ETL, and coming in externally from previous high end retail. I want to thank all members of this site for the guidance throughout my interview process, but most importantly the data I’ve got around what a good ETL looks like.
I know in some places, an external hire for a leadership role can be frustrating to a lot of great people that could run those stores themselves and just haven’t gotten the opportunity.
I want you to know that I’m not coming in as someone that knows everything - as I will know very little. I want to absorb what my TLs do, and what they need to feel and do their best at Target. This is a monumental opportunity for me, and I’m just really excited to get started. If anyone wants to continue adding what a great SE ETL looks like, please know I value the feedback!
Thanks for having me on the forum!

Totally get the vibe - I come from retail, and totally understand the culture of TM vs Leaders, definitely a two way street. I was a TM until now (we’ll not what we called it anyway), looking forward to finding that balance. If you only understood the kool-aide I had to drink on the other side - it’s going to be great drinking some cherry flavored for a change hahahah.

thanks everyone, trust me I’m humbled!
  1. As a receiver I deal with the salvage and ESIM that is coming back from the SE team.
    Please have your TMs tape the lids of all liquid, gel, lotion, ESIM products. Any product that you would need paper towel to clean up. Tape all the cracks and if it is broken really over the broken lid.
    • If it is broken and leaking double bag it. You can also put a little quick dry in the bag and it will help prevent it from leaking.​
    • Your extra 20 seconds can save your Receiver or whoever deals with ESIM 20 minutes.​
    • Also make sure the sticker is on the outside of the bag on the the item that can leak. Because the liquid can make the label unreadable.​
  2. Vendor Products only have your TMs put it on damaged or expired product because the other products can just go back on the floor. Like other food stray. You can’t remove these sticker labels with damaging the products.
  3. Really make sure especially new TM know the E Recycling goes with CRC. As well as they are putting CRC in the proper box not Salvage. AP audits these boxes to some extent and will be all over your if they are mixing it up.
  4. Not sure how your store does salvage. If it is brought back to the receiver or if the receiver collects it.
    • No matter what salvage boxes often are made for the weight of salvage, (I’m looking at you pillow boxes), so make sure the base is well taped more then one strip and do some cross stripes. And monitor how much they are filling it.​
    • Once they are full tape them up and start a new one. Don’t have multiple open because they will overflow them and it will become a cluster.​
    • Last thing if you are bringing stuff back to receiving or the salvage pallet. Don’t bring chairs or other weird shaped objects because they can’t be stacked and get in the way. Making it difficult to add them to a pallet til the end. RUGS!!!​
A receiver can be your best friend with collecting of salvage, CRC, shopping bags and much more so get to know them. And if you need them to bring something up or come get something give them some lead time because they maybe doing a bunch of things in the back and have a hard time getting up to the front.

Best of Luck!