New Fulfillment TM - 20,000 steps a day

Dec 17, 2022
Hey guys. I’m new to Target. Hired within the past month as a full time team member, working primarily in Fulfillment, at least through the holiday season. I am stunned at how much physical activity this job requires. I never stop moving. The device sends me around the store, the back room, pantry, etc for eight hours straight and every muscle in my body hurts. I am 25 years old and in good physical shape, but I have never experienced a job that requires I take this much care and consideration of my body—lest I pass out from all the sweating/movement. How have you all managed the intense physical requirements of your job? Any tips, sneaker recommendations, ideas to maintain stamina and not get burnt out? I know I’m taking a shot in the dark by asking, but I’m not the only person in the world working to their max capability. I realize now how hard retail employees work and how much sacrifice there is. Tell me about some of your experiences on your feet all day, things you have learned over time about the job, etc. Love and hugs


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Jul 14, 2016
New Balance shoes with memory foam are my go-to shoe. Keep in mind they will really only last you about 6 months because you'll be putting almost 500 miles on them in that time. You'll know it's time for new shoes when your feet start hurting again. You will also have worse pain wearing shoes that do not give enough support, it will feel like you're walking barefoot on concrete.

Soaking your feet (or just a full Epsom salt bath) will help with aches and pains. It's likely your muscles are only adjusting right now which is why your body is feeling it so much. Over time, this gets better. ......Or maybe I've just become numb to it- I've been in retail 20 years. 😆 Some aches and pains are a part of me now and I don't think about them unless I over do it.
Jun 16, 2011
Been working fulfillment most shifts for about 3 months (40 hours/week) because I post good stats and we are very short handed. I've been with Target a veeery long time and this is the most physical job I've done and I was a truck thrower at one time. I have found Skechers to be my shoe of choice after literally giving fulfillment my sole (Nike sole;)) I take 2 acetaminophen before every shift and 2 at the end of my shift because my arthritic senior citizen body just hurt from this job and with that it doesn't hurt until a couple of hours after I get home. I stopped counting my steps after it added up to 10+ miles the third time. I found that unbelievable, but it wasn't. Hydration is critical. Drink lots of water and have some sort of energy food halfway through your shift. I keep a roll of lifesavers or little candy bars in my pocket for a quick boost. Bananas are a good food to prevent cramping, etc. so I usually have one with lunch. It's a hard job, but the day goes by quickly. I also now seriously hate to shop after work or any other time. Shopping was my thing. I loved it. Fulfillment saves me lots of money! lol
Nov 20, 2017
Time for OP to go supplement shopping, here’s the list

Vitamin C
Vitamin B3 (niacin)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Vitamin E
Vitamin D3
Fuckloads of water

Thank me later
Jul 15, 2022
Great shoes are a must. Depending on your feet I recommend looking at Brooks running shoes, they have high arch support. I go through 2-3 pairs a year and only work 20 hrs a week. So make sure you are replacing them as they get worn out.
Jan 8, 2021
For shoes I do great with New Balance, Dad Nikes, and Allen Edmonds. I have wide feet and not much arch, and all of those brands have solid offerings for me. Your shoes may vary.


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Dec 29, 2013
I tend to buy New Balance, used to buy Adidas, all the Nike's I've tried on seemed too wide for my feet, but obviously there's not one best shoe for all foot shapes.

I mostly work at the service desk, but also do driveups and fulfillment from time to time, and 20k steps sounds about normal, looks like I walked 132,383 steps last week, I worked 6 days. 28,579 was the highest single day last week. 16,648 was the lowest (not counting the one day I didn't work and did 1707 steps).


Dec 9, 2018
I love New Balance and ASICS. I'm a service advocate which, at my store, includes DU. I also do fulfillment, but I don't think I have picked OPU/ship for an entire shift. I haven't been running drive ups much lately because we got some younger ones in and they aren't all beat up, used and abused LOL.