New Repack Process?

Feb 27, 2015
So “upper management” put all of that stuff in your fire tunnel? If not then why is it only their fault it’s there? Saying management doesn’t care doesn't mean you share no blame if your building goes up in flames and someone dies not being able to get out that way, you knew about it and did nothing. You could call corporate, or suggest to the fire dept that they do a surprise visit, etc and it’d get fixed.
If I have a pallet overhanging 6” into a fire walkway I’m going to hear about it by the first member of management to walk by, guaranteed. If I see that someone has a walkway blocked I’m going to tell them to move their crap, then I’m going to ask my or their OM to make sure everyone knows that nothing can be in those paths.
The actual point I was trying to convey, pallets next to a conveyor would be basically impassable for a lot of people, so loading a trailer like that wouldn’t be feasible even without the safety aspect.
You make a good point. But I'm doing nothing because in the long run, it would make no difference but get me fired. Corporate has created this environment of saying one thing and doing another. My example: my thread on ethics training. If you'll read it, you'll see being given the answers, the answers already filled in, etc. The fire tunnel is specially mentioned in the ethics training. So how does Target reconcile this. Do something about it, but be retaliated against. I have no question that if I pushed this furs tunnel issue hard enough to get something done, I'd be gone. And the stuff would still be there.