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Jun 16, 2011
Does anyone have an idea as to how much longer it will take before this issue is taken care of?

Since our kiosks don't allow the printing of registry logs or orders from we've been having a lot of trouble with trying to help the guests. Today we had a guest who has come to our store twice now and we can't help her with a return. She wasn't happy because she'll now need to make a third trip to our store in the hopes that her product can be returned. (Her item is a big stroller. She has had to have TMs get it out and put it back in her car. Not an easy process.) By the way, I tried calling our phone number and was waiting for at least 20 minutes before the guest had decided that she'd had enough. I never got through to

I understand from TMs and LODs that get email that at guest services we're supposed to apologize to the guest for the problems.

We had a guest today that could not print out a baby registry so she couldn't return a couple of duplicate items. So, no chance to help, except for returning using the driver's license....however, it didn't take long before the return limit was reached. Her only option was to choose another item from the same department. She wasn't interested in another item. When we tried to use her husband's driver's license his wouldn't scan on the register so we couldn't use his license.

My main issues are.............1) When will this all get fixed?
2) What do we do to help the guests?
3) Don't the upper level people of Target realize that we're really pissing off our guests? And that a good number of them won't ever come back because of this?? And that they will tell their friends about this experience and alienate more guests?

There's probably not really any acceptable answers to these questions. If I were a guest having these issues, you'd better believe that I would NEVER return to Target.

So, where's our "fast, fun, and friendly" service gone to??

Hey everyone, thanks for letting me vent. I just feel really rotten about how we're treating these guests.
That was fixed last week supposedly. We had some issues at our store too last week. I do know I had to update my acct with & had no problems.
I did help a guest last night with printing a registry at gs.
Every return I have tried to do since this new system started hasn't gone well. After you scan their receipt and scan the item to return, it always says that the item was not on the receipt. And forget about getting through on the phone to! Had a guest earlier this week spend nearly an hour on hold while using our store phone to call them. Our manager ended up giving her free food from the cafe because she missed dinner with her family.
I had a lady yesterday try to use her 10% from her registry. They weren't printing out. Told her at guest services that it was down and was global. We ended up just taking 10% of the registry items. Luckily, it was only a few things and she was very understanding. I wonder if it was connected.
As of yesterday, is STILL f***ed up.
I'm giving out comment cards w/guest relations' number on it hoping corp will get an earful of what we've been dealing with this week.
As of yesterday, is STILL f***ed up.
I'm giving out comment cards w/guest relations' number on it hoping corp will get an earful of what we've been dealing with this week.

It's good to hear that there are others of you having the same problems.

We've been giving out comment cards, too. We've also given them the phone numbers for, registry, and something else....can't quite think of it, but it is one of the numbers on the little charts on the gs registers.

Sure hope that this gets resolved soon! I'd love to give out the email address of our CEO.....let him deal with this, too.

Last night I was laughing to myself wondering if this is one of those times that the target "open door" policy is one that corporate will regret!
Corporate has been getting quite the earful on the FB page. The guests on that page are sick of corporate's canned responses.
As a GSTL, I got an e-mail from our ETL-AP. He sent it out to all Execs in our District Apologizing for the problem. His resolution is to call the 718 return authorization number. What we have been doing is attempting the return using the new invoice normally. If that doesn't work, using the card they purchased the online order with has worked several times. When it hasn't worked, we apologize to the guest and tell them that there is a global issue. From that point, we explain to them that in order to process the return, we are going to have to call the authorization number and that it may take a couple moments. We also explain in order to minimize wait time, we are going to exaggerate a little on the phone call. We call the number and explain to the representative that we have called numerous times on this issue (making them think this return, but we know we mean on the issue in general). Explain to them we need to process a no receipt return for the guest that will not count against their $70 no receipt return limit. Also ensure you tell the rep that they have a valid invoice/receipt with the exact items on it. You may also have to ask for the override code to override the return to cash or credit. This has resulted in the happiest guests and it's what our DTL instructed us to do, however, at least check with your ETL-GE before doing this, they may have a different policy.
We've been trying the 718 number, but it takes forever. I have yet to get to a representative while my guest is still waiting. I've had three guests just leave before getting things done.

A big issue is people who have the packing slip from and can't access thru our kiosks for a valid receipt. Also, having the packing slip means nothing if the guest (who is doing the returning) isn't the one who bought the item.

I did learn today that people who have a registry can print (if the kiosk is working) their list and then edit it using the little RED PDAs that they use when they first do the registry.

Today though we did have moments that guests could actually get to registries and print them out. One of the registries had quantities that were more than the guest had scanned for. For example, one lady had 2 listings for a car seat and another place listed the wrong number if items asked for.

Oh well, maybe this weekend everyone will be too busy celebrating the Labor Day holiday to come to target.

I'm going to take a look at FB to see what people are saying.
I used the 718 option the other day for some baby registry returns when the guest couldn't access her purchase log. They asked for her registry number and read off a looong number for me to enter into my register (I assume they were giving me her purchase log number) so I could process the returns. I didn't have much trouble getting through, but it sounds like I just got lucky.

I believe the new packing slips for purchases don't require the guest to print a receipt off of their Target account. I've read the instruction for it but I haven't processed one yet, so I'm not sure I'm understanding that right.
I believe the new packing slips for purchases don't require the guest to print a receipt off of their Target account. I've read the instruction for it but I haven't processed one yet, so I'm not sure I'm understanding that right.

Well, that is ideally how they work, but once you get it scanned in, it automatically declines any return you can throw at it regardless of when it was purchased or what item it is!
Hey, it's me..pellinore and I started this thread. I want to give you an update on the guest who had brought the stroller (from to return it to our store....

she returned today. She had talked with someone at corporate about trying to return this stroller. She had received it as a gift, but it wasn't the right stroller and she wanted to return the stroller. The alternative stroller that she wants is not at our store right now, but we do carry it. In trying to return this item, besides the whole issue of the kiosk not printing, the only option that the computer system would allow was a purchase of an item of the same value as the stroller she was returning.....but since we don't have the stroller she wants, she would have had to go home AGAIN and then returned when the right stroller was there.

She had used the phone numbers that I had given her the other day. When she came today our corporate head quarters was called and then with two more phone calls (w/ corporate) they were able to "do their magic" and she was able to get a gift card for the full value of the stroller. So now she can buy the one she wants from us when we have it in the store.

So, problem resolved.....but it took a lot of work by the guest to get things done. She was actually a great guest. She was quite unhappy at her last visit, but she never got mad at us at guest services. She knew this wasn't our fault.

OK....that's all for now!
My pleasure to provide the update, especially since the guest was so gracious.
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