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Jun 18, 2012

Just found this forum and wanted to do an intro. I've been working in Hardlines since May 2012. Even though I've had two weeks of "training" I still have a million questions! Feel free to chime in and answer..... or tell me to go away. :)

I work in Hardlines, mostly HBA and feel like I never have enough time in an 8 hour shift to properly zone my area, put away reshop and take care of guests, cover for Electronics and do fast service calls.

Is there a secret to getting it all done? At the end of a shift I am exhausted!

Does anyone else have to deal with pissed off guests who don't want to have their DL scanned to buy alcohol? I see 6 pack on the belt and I die a little inside.

Tips on memorizing the produce codes while cashiering? My fast service is anything but fast because I don't know any of them and sometimes have no idea what the hell the item is!

Selling attachments in Electronics?

Is there a standard promotion schedule at Target? When (if ever?!) can I expect some sort of pay raise?

Team Cards? To you have to give these to get them? I've never been one to expect a pat on the back every time I clean a spill or put away reshop correctly. Are these things required or what?

Thanks for any input!
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Greetings and salutations.

Not a cashier so I can't help too much on some of these but this one ...

Is there a secret to getting it all done? At the end of a shift I am exhausted!

No secret.
It can't be done.
Spot does not give enough hours to do the amount of work that needs to be done.
Just do your best and do a job you can be proud of.
You're always gonna have P.O.d guests who don't wanna show you their license for alcohol/nicorette/certain medications; yet these are the same yahoos who will give all their personal info to a website just to get free apps &/or a T-shirt. Whenever they balk at pulling out the DL, just call your GSTL/GSA over & let them take the heat.
If a check asks for a DL#, do NOT let them just recite their number. Offer to suspend it while they "fetch it from the car". They'll try to make you feel as though you are inconveniencing them but it's better than AP asking you about a fraudulent check later.
Re: produce codes - our store posted a list on the wall of each lane next to the check policy.
Hba is a great place to learn about stuff. It suggested to learn pharmacy too. The pharmacist is your best friend, they know the chemicals on all drugs & reactions. Always ask questions. Look for bad dates on pills, vitamins, & eyewash. Know where things ar e & read labels on safety stuff.
Welcome to The Break Room! I'm relatively new to the floor myself (mostly cashier for a year and a half), but I've been learning a lot every time I work in Hardlines.

Zoning: There really isn't a secret to getting it done quickly. If you're in HBA by yourself, it's gonna take eons no matter what (your username is very appropriate here). When I get put in HBA or Toys, I pretty much ignore the reshop and concentrate on getting as much of the zone done as possible unless the LOD specifically instructs me to do reshop.

Alcohol sales: Yeah, some guests get pissy when they have to take out their license. I tell them that the register can't see that they're over 21 like I can and that scanning a state-issued ID proves that they're legitly 21+. Also, if they refuse to let you scan, they have to wait forever for the GSTL to come over and override it. But don't worry, it's not as bad as if you're under 21 yourself and the GSTL has to do the whole sale for you because you can't scan alcohol. Being an underage cashier can be a colossal pain in the ass.

Produce: At my store, we have a small cheat sheet at every register with all the PLUs. Plus, many of the items have stickers with the PLU on them. We've had P-Fresh over a year now, and the only PLU I've memorized is 8011 for bananas (NOT 4011 like the sticker says). Ask your GSTL or ETL-GE if they can make cheat sheets, because I'm sure you're not the only one that doesn't remember all the PLUs.

Electronics: I've been lucky enough not to have dabbled in that area up to this point, so I don't know what to tell you as far as attachments. We do have plenty of experts here who can help you though.

Promotions: They only happen if your leadership feels that you can be useful in a higher-paying workcenter and there's an opening in such a workcenter. Raises are pocket change.

Great Team Cards: By no means are they mandatory, but a lack of recognition would be reflected in your review. Basically, they're not required but they're recommended.
Don't totally ignore reshop for your area. Just put it way while you are zoning the aisle the item goes to.
Don't totally ignore reshop for your area. Just put it way while you are zoning the aisle the item goes to.

I'm not saying everyone should ignore reshop. I'm still somewhat slow at zoning, so my TLs have told me not to worry about reshop for now and try to get as much of the zone done as possible, especially if I'm in HBA.
Welcome to the forum!

Looks like you've already got some good answers but if you need any more help check out the Search function and if you can't find it with that then head on over to the "I'm Lost!" section and get your questions answered!
Thanks for the tips. Learn as you go is apparently the Target MO.

Pretty much. There's no way the training can possibly cover everything, so you pick up a lot of things over time. Even when I'm cashing, I still learn something new every day.
At my store we will actually have the entire Hardlines team go in at one time an zone the areas that tend to stay messy once a month or so on days we aren't too busy. HBA, (Mostly fingernail paints and the sort...dear god...the fingernail paints..) Seasonal, Towels, and occasionally toys.

As far as a secret for getting it done faster...the other members are right. There is none. Whenever I'm working HBA I'll usually do reshop for the first 2 hours of my 6 or 7 hour shift, then focus on the zone for the rest. That's one thing I've noticed about my Target. None of the LODs seem to care if there's 5 or 6 extra baskets of reshop, so long as the store looks good at closing time they don't care.- Might be different at your store.

As for pay raises, do NOT quote me on this. I'm pretty sure I've heard a few LODs/ETLs say they occur at the end of the year. But I'm also pretty sure You have to work there for a certain amount of time first...
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