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Guest Service TL
Oct 9, 2011
Just thought I would say hi to everyone. I've rejoined the Breakroom world, and thought I would reintroduce myself. My name is Chris, and I've been with Target for eight years now, and despite the plethora of challenges faced on a daily basis, I have enjoyed my time. I transferred a year ago to a different store, and I must say that experience has been interesting. I have been a GSTL for about 4 years, however that is not the only area I am trained. I was Electronics/Seasonal TL when I transferred to the new store here and went back to the GSTL role 5 months after...I must say that the GSTL role definitely suits me better, and is the most frustrating and entertaining. Anyway, hello everyone!
Might wanna nix the first name. Won't take much for your store to figure out who you are
We're all strictly on the QT here.
Welcome, and I am going to move this on over to Introductions forum!
Not open for further replies.