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Dec 20, 2018
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Wow! Lot's of bad advice given in this thread. Never use "NO barcode" it generates a report and puts you on the naughty list. If it rings up as no barcode never put in a magical price. Use mywork to find the last known price or find a similar item then give it for that price. Your GSTL should have a department class list it gives you the first 5 dpci numbers and you just type in 9999 for the last four then a reasonable price. But 99 cents for everything will get you fired.
My gstl tells me to do 99 cents so I shouldn’t be getting fired. I use no barcode if the items barcode doesn’t scan and there isn’t a present dpci but there’s a sticker with the price on it.
Jul 24, 2018
You are right. I would say that post holiday sales were around 20% misspriced. I spent oodles of time fixing at register. The reason is that sales floor didn't get clearance prices in properly, guest services was swamped and didn't have time to double check stuff, but it's calming down now. I salvaged out loads of junk this week at GS, and the clearance is just about gone. It's part of the transition from holiday.

We had way too many to call over gstl, so I just made a deal. LOD approved, customers were happy, and we sold stuff that was headed for donation or trash.

I also pick up a zebra when I work SCO. Saves time.


This was supposed to be a seasonal job...
Dec 9, 2017
I've been finding tons of stuff that are "not on file" items of late, not just salvage. It's weird. Some of it is just mywork 2.0 (register rings it up just fine), but lots that even don't work on the registers. On the floor I usually print a rewrap for one-offs that I find, but I had about a dozen each of Lego Movie 2 keychains and Transformers that I gave to price change, because that's more than I'm comfortable rewrapping at once.

And then there were the 6 pack of Hatchimals that the system has for $2.99, which is missing a 1 at the very least price-wise....

Not sure what's going on lately with pricing, but it's weird.
Dec 31, 2018
Those items aren't on clearance. They are things that are suppose to be salvaged out, but that didn't get taken off the shelves for whatever reason. They are probably coming up a lot now because guest services is accepting them back for returns and putting them in a reshop bin without properly checking them. Then, dumbass salesfloor TMs don't see a location for them and just throw them on a clearance shelf. At other times, whoever's job it was to take them off the shelves and ssalvage them in the first place didn't do it.

You can't buy them. TMs buying salvage items is a big no no.
Agreed, that's usually case on the sales floor, however at guest services at our store, if a guest brings up an item that had been salvaged out, but really has their heart set on it and it isn't CRC, vendor pickup, or recalled/problem item. We will usually mark it 90% off the final sales price.