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Answered Orientation dress code?

Jul 30, 2020
Hi! I have my orientation in a few days and i was wondering what the dress code would be? I’ve been looking around and finding answers from khakis and a red polo, business casual, or casual. Does anyone have any specific suggestions for female? Thanks!

Black Sheep 214

Kiss no butts, give no fox
Apr 27, 2018
Ask your store what to wear to orientation, some stores require you to be in compliance with the dress code, others do not. The dress code will be explained to you during orientation, some stores are stricter than others in enforcing it. You might want to walk through your store before your orientation day and see what others are wearing to get an idea of what will blend in. A red polo shirt and blue jeans or khakis with closed toe shoes should be fine. Comfortable shoes will make your work life much more pleasant. Good luck!


Professional Badass
Jan 21, 2014
Red shirt. Kakhis or blue jeans. Closed toe shoe. This is a work day. You may be on the sales floor at some point.