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Feb 29, 2012
Ok I need some serious Help. I was hired recently and I have my official orientation tomorrow. My social security card was accidentally shredded yesterday and I had to file for a replacement one this morning. It won't come for two weeks. Can I take this sheet from the Social Security office that has my Social security numner on it and says I have a new one coming in the mail with me to orientation and then give them the card when it arrives in a few weeks? Please reply fast, I'm a little frightened that I might lose a job that I haven't officially started yet.
there are other forms of id you can use. you won't be termed, but you cant start until you can provide your id. depends on store. i wouldn't let anyone sit for orientation until i had both ids for the i9. call your hr.
If I may ask, what other forms of ID are acceptable? I haven't had the sheet that's how's whhat acceptable to bring for a few weeks.
voters registration, school id - - -

you really should call your ETL-HR - the types of ID are rather specific depending on the item you do have.

you won't lose your job, but you cannot attend orientation without the proper ID.
You should be able to present the letter from SS regarding your replacement but you will also need your photo ID. When your replacement card arrives, take it to HR ASAP!
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