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Jul 20, 2011
Anyone at a DC that uses sprinkler systems to cool the outbound trailers? Ours broke this spring, so we haven't been able to use them yet this year.
Well, after weeks of complaining, (and 95+ temps), they tell us they will not be fixing them. They say other DCs (such as TX and AZ) don't use them, so we shouldn't need them, either.

If you don't use them, what methods do you use to cool outbound/outbound trailers? We have fans just outside the dock door, and a few fans along the OB main travel aisle.
of course we have the fans at the individual lanes and the larger Patterson fans on the travel aisles, we routinely use our trailer sprinklers of course this year we had a contractor repainting the outside of the wing so the system was off line for about a week of 100 degree days. I know them boys in outbound were hating it but there's not much that could be done. Any clue as to what exactly went out with your system?
supposedly, they weren't drained properly last fall, and froze/burst during the winter.
Turnover is pretty bad on all outbound shifts, except b1 of course. But I don't think its only because of the heat. I heard they temped a new trailer at 120+ last week.
ouch 120 is just excessive, then again i've worked in that kind of heat before so i know just how much it'll wipe you out. I can only hope that FacOps gets a contractor in to fix your trailer sprinklers, but remember to hydrate, there's no need to cause any harm to yourself over some boxes.
Hey throwing, 2 things don't worry your building will prob get them when you upgrade to ML, but you might want to remove your DC # from your location
found out we do already have them,they just dont use them because it makes it worse. humidity here and all.Makes a hot trailer into a sauna trailer.
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