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Aug 12, 2020
Oh God please never make the mistake of getting involved with a female at Targét. So many sexual harassment based firings and lawsuits ongoing at my DC.
100 percent! As my mentor always said," Never shit where you eat." I admit, the women looked good at the DC, very fit bodies, but naw I've had issues with women at my previous jobs and always ended up not being good.
Jun 23, 2018
For any new outbound hires .... I had thoughts of suicide. Broke down. Didn't feel like I could make it through the day, but I did.
I'm sorry to hear that. Some days they really just pull everything out of you and your stuck trying to figure out how to get the energy to finish the last couple of hours.
If it makes you feel better, on those days everyone is feeling the pressure.
On days like those you will find me flipping the bird at the sorter, singing how much I dont want to be there, and daydreaming about my plan to hop on an RC and drive right out the building with it to escape.
That said, is there anything in particular you found you were struggling with? Maybe I can offer a few more pointers.