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Jun 12, 2011
I am having a small disagreement and would like some input. Our STL does not allow any team member to park close to the building. I totally get that. The exception I say, should be the person that comes in for early flow. I feel they should be closer to building for safety reasons. I also firmly believe that there should always be 2 people going in first thing in the morning. Currently we are required to park at the far end of our lot, walk across the dark lot ( lot lights are not on at this time) and unlock the door. 3 times per week it is one person going in solo. If we must walk out with a buddy why in the world would you not walk in with one? How does your store handle this?
I do see your point about the safety risk. We're in a similar boat. On truck days everyone waits together and we wait until the TL or ETL opens it up. Non truck days are the same, but with less people obviously. I guess walking together is the best approach. It also helps we have cops who wait in the parking lot usually.
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Flow team members parked in employee parking lot. I had to walk in to open the store with another team member for safety. The lights were never on. I complained numerous times to no avail. They changed them to 3:30 but all my team had to be at the door at 3:25 am. Someone just wasn't gettin it.
Our store is so small that it is completely surrounded by parking lots. As long as you don't park in the front of the store and do it on the side, you can park anywhere you want.

We've tried the other way but so many people were slipping on the ice on the parking lot (the lot maintenance crew are not run by Target) that they got rid of that rule.
our flow team parks together in the employee parking area. since all of them come in at the same time, they walk in together - problem solved.
Apparently my store has it good. The only parking lot is dead in front of the store. All overnight employees are told to park directly in front of TSC. The lights in that row are on most of the night and that's the best place for the cameras to catch anything should something bad happen. I wont walk out there in the dead of the night, but for the most part, I feel safe even if I'm not walking with anyone.
At walmart our parking is off to the side and given we are a 24 hour store the lights are always on and the Grocery side doors are always open. (they lock the GM side doors at 11) but it does get pretty quiet. i eat lunch with some co workers outside at our lunch hour at 2am
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