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Nov 2, 2011
I'm a cashier now, just got my 90 day review. I am certified for electronics already, I had to wait til my 90 days to get transferred back to electronics, now today I found out that one of my LODs was interested in me being a PA. I really don't know which way I should go, what could either job entail?
Not seasonal, looking to be here for a while. From what I've read it seems like PA has a good bit of responsibility?
PA by miles and yes, they are (IMO) the most demanded upon "non management" position.
It seems like that will be what I should go for... Is there anything in particular that makes it more appealing than electronics?
If you are wanting to move up in the company, PA is the way. Naters is right about it being a demanding position. If you can manage your time in the PA role, TL should be a fairly easy step.
The only way Electronics can be good long term is if you are a Brand TM. I would go ahead and work Electronic shifts...but go for the PA position for the long haul
PAs definitely have a lot of responsibility... It's not all bad, you would be responsible for ordering which will be rough at first and takes a little time to get down. You will also be looked upon to maintain service scores and freshness and working closely with TL to come up with action plans for reaching/maintaining all the metrics. You will get very familiar with running an area/department and the tools available to maximize sales, profit, team work, and guest experience.

Like insiteful said, if you prove yourself as a PA being a TL isn't a big step and it will surely teach you a lot and give you talking points for the interview process. I say go for it!!
PA is actually a step up from Brand my store our PA got a promotion (raised) after being a entertainment brand tm.
YES pa has a lot of responsibility but if you are a person that manages time and executes well your task, then you will do fine.
And btw you get to control the numbers in PFRESH...its not like electronics where you work hard to push for attachments but at the end of a day if a cash strap guest come to the store and can only afford to buy the ps3 then he/she will only buy the ps3 without attachment..
as for pfresh..if you are throwing a lot of food then you need to tone down your order..or tpc more aggressively...
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