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Sep 15, 2011
I was just curious about how other stores do cleaning for pfresh. More specifically the delegation OR lack there of, of cleaning duties. The main ones im wondering about are the weekly and monthly cleaning tasks.

Do you have the majority of it done by one team member in market or is it split up? Our store only has 2 PA, 1 CTL and then the occasional market closer once a week. 1 PA and the CTL mainly work during the day with each closing 1-2 nights at the most while the other PA mostly closes.

Do you try to knock 1 thing out per day or is there a few designated days that are the best for cleaning?

What time during the day is typically the best for cleaning, or does it just depend?

The reason I am asking is because it is just frustrating that the cleaning takes so much time that we dont have and it always piles up at the end of the week/month. We only have maybe 100 hours if that for all of pfresh every week and we always end up being asked to do additional things like help zone all of dry market, or work out a whole cart of reshop in the mornings, receiving the C+S truck at night, cover electronics, backup cashier, filling up any endcaps that are in market itself, even if it is just water PIPO that can be done by anyone, as well as maybe filling the front end spots with soda or whatever consumable item is needed. Also fresh and full by 4 never really happens since there is the LOD and MAYBE 1 if we are lucky 2 other TM around 3-5
We are getting 90-100 hours for market (we are a Pfresh store, so these hours are divided across all of market) every week. Our cleaning schedule looks something like this:

Daily tasks for the closers are: 1) Cleaning and sanitizing the QMOS tub, 2) sweeping and mopping the ambient room, meat cooler, and produce cooler, 3)wiping down the scale and table, and 4) vacuuming (we requistioned a dirt devil hand works GREAT!) the produce and bakery table on the floor.

On top of that have an "extra" task every night:
Monday: Door 1 of the milk case (shelves and doors)
Tuesday: Door 2 of the milk case (shelves and doors)
Wednesday: Egg shelves
Thursday: Door 3 of the milk case (shelves and doors)
Friday: Door 4 and 5 of the milk case. These doors don't get as nasty, so they can occasionally be skipped.

Time can be a very problem. With VERY limited hours, the closing shift is 6 - 10:30. That is ALOT (push pulls, clean, and zone 42 aisles (and the back wall), back up cashier, guest service, etc.) to get accomplished in very little time.
We mop the coolers every night now. It was a battle with my execs just to get that one little task worked into the daily routine. At this point they walk over each and every routine that possibly can, seemingly out of spite. Not only am I constantly pulled away for multiple projects, but if I even try to speak up for my role in pfresh I am accused of being "insubordinate." Seriously! The food culture at my store is a colossal joke.

The culture in the food, on the other hand, is quite real.
Thanks for the responses...Ya its a little rough right now with hours. For closing we have to leave at 9 which sucks, especially on the nights, yes nights, we have our truck come in. The window is 5 but usually they come in at 7 with the C+S truck, not to mention the fresh and full by 4 cant get done or nobody can help because salesfloor cant even finish their work. Today I walked in and at huddle I was asked to zone all of dry market because it hadnt been touched. Thankfully 2 other people helped a little bit but man was it a wreck.

I think our problem is that we havent divided the salesfloor reach in coolers for EVERY day so when it is time to do them it is impossible to do the 25% of them and still do your other tasks. Especially because for each shelf you have to use degreaser, water, and sanitizer, making it take forever.

If there is a truck the night basically consists of doing the pulls and filling the floor, making sure the backroom is ready for the product to be pushed in and there is room, doing the daily cleaning tasks, receiving the truck and pushing pallets to the correct backroom location, doing outdates and qmos and zoning freezers and pfresh.

Also in the morning the autofills havent been too bad. Usually takes me about an hour and a half and then the extra time is spent filling milk, bananas, eggs, zoning up a bit, printing labels, signs and flexing. It would be awesome if I didnt have to worry about that somedays though.

I really love the idea of owning a 4x4 section every shift and making sure it is all cleaned and all the labels are there and what not. Might suggest that next time I see the CTL because that would be almost all the sections covered per month
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Have you suggested your ctl/e to change truck times?

When we first started it was in the morning but I guess we were having issues with it showing up later and the push team having nothing to push. At that time we had a couple TMS who did flow from 4-8 work out the pfresh truck after their lunch at 8:30-12 or so. Then they switched it to overnight for that reason im guessing and maybe some others. They just changed it again to different days but at night still and having the freezer come in during the morning. Seems like a waste to have 2 seperate trucks but what do i know. I havent had to receive a truck since this change but I imagine it takes up less time at night now.
I haven't suggested that yet. They already show up around 4:30, I think. I usually come in at 6am.

I like the idea of tackling one section of an aisle at a time. I am going to suggest cleaning milk coolers that way, starting tomorrow.
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