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Mar 1, 2012
Hey all I will be running my stores overnight remodel and have been away from my store doing a bit of training. What I need from you folks that have done this is some advice on this process on what works and does not. From those with experience here on this remodel your advice no matter how irrelevant it sounds will be a huge help!!!! Thank you
there are several threads on p-fresh remodels, issues, staffing, etc....just use the search option & below, up on the right. you need to logged your miles & time for training.

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Ya have seen alot of great threads, I ahve always noticed and am sure you have as well you can always get the most relavent info from your piers.
i have had the good ones in my prior posting. alos, make a map on 1 page for all the changes on where stuff is moving to. for c21, tide soap, c13 shampoo, etc with the date at the bottom. things will move around fast.
Do you suggest getting an existing copy of my sales floor map and copying and compairing to new layout ? I have done a bit of that already so makes me feel I am on top of it. This is just a huge opportunity for me, I think I am the only non senior at least in my group to be doing this position !!
not that. a 8 1/2 by 11 cheat sheet to help tm's & guests find stuff & product pushed during the day.
but, having a giant copy of sales floor layout showing/highlighting the changing areas when completed in breakroom, does communicate well to everyone. my store has done that on both remodels with great results.
When you say you are 'running' the overnight remodel, do you mean you are the leader in the building during the overnight process? Or are you in charge of the planogram part?

I don't want to load you up with all sorts of things you may not have to deal with if you are not the top person in charge at night, but here are a few of my thoughts if you are...

If you are the "LOD" during the remodel process, prepare to juggle a little bit of everything, every night. You will be partnering with contractors, the fixture crew, your store team, and the dayside team and you must communicate precise details with all of them.

In no particular order...

-Get off to a good start with the crew that will be moving gondolas and building things. These guys can make your life easy, or they can be your worst nightmare. Be clear in your direction to them, and don't be afraid to listen to their ideas. Get the lead person's cell and carry yours. You never know when you need to ask a question or have additional items brought in from the boneyard, and the walkies don't always work clearly from inside the store out to the boneyard.
-Hold your team accountable. You will have good TMs that will be able to grab planos and go without much supervision, and you will have TMs that can't tie their own shoes. Find something for each TM that suits their talents and hold them to getting done what you task them with.
-It will seem like the various contractors that will be in your store will almost always need to work in the area you need to work in - communication at the start of the night will allow you to sculpt everyones' plans around each other.
-Program (or memorize) the Alarm Center's number into your phone. You will need to place your fire system into test mode quite a bit as the welders and pipe workers are working.
-Follow the perimeter alarm schedule/policy to the best of your ability. There will be many times you have to adjust alarm timing in order to accomodate contractor needs. Use a TM you trust as a door guard, and monitor that TM often. It's boring, and it's overnight, and your door guard will want to sleep. Find something the DG can do while at station. Mine built bikes, assembled signing,etc. Also have the DG check all contractors bags and equipment when leaving the building. There is a polite way to do this, and if the contractors know the expectations from the start, the process is easy and fair to everyone.
-Do as little as necessary when moving gondolas. There is no point in stripping a gondola completely in order to hook it up and roll it. I had several occasions where a new to the remodel TM stripped the entire planogram of a gondola that was merely moving postion and not resetting.
-Learn very quickly to read a TD1 and understand what everything means.
-Use your good judgement to make quick decisions about what is best for the store. Many of the new sales floorplan measurements did not match what HQ had on file. Partnering with the fixture crew to adjust a gondola a few inches one way or the other was an almost nightly thing. If your aisles can be adjusted an inch or two and saves you from having a pole in the middle of your planogram shelves, do it!
-Learn how to override your heating/ac system (with your STLs permission). The store can get mighty uncomfortable in the middle of the summer when the store is closed and the a/c kicks off.
-PLAN AHEAD! This is the most important thing! My ETL planned out the floor moves well in advance, but left it up to me to execute the moves, and in what order. I would sit on the floor near my team with my spiral notebook in one hand, and the TD1 in the other and plan out what the team was doing the next night. Plan the moves down to the level of which TM is doing which sections, where the product will go while it is stripped (remember, you have contractors that will need to move lifts and other equipment), and what supplies you will need to have. This level of planning is a royal pain, but will allow you to walk into the store at start time and have the team rolling within five minutes with very clear plans and expectations.
-Take pictures! You will see things that no other team members on the dayside will see. It's fun showing peers pictures of the entire gondola rolling along, or the pipe guys welding (complete with showers of sparks falling), or even the forty carts of HBA product that your team has pulled off the shelf and has to reset and push.
-Keep in mind that the store still needs to function during the day. The fixture room needs to be accessible, the backstock from your team needs to be completed, etc. Do your part to keep the process streamlined and invisible from the dayside team.
-Be flexible. You may have a move/set planned for an aisle, and the electricians inform you that they HAVE to put in cabling in that aisle TONIGHT! Work with everyone, be accommodating, stand up for your own needs, and make everything mesh.

Running a remodel is both the most fun and the most stress I've ever had working at Target. I swear I aged an extra four years in those three months, but I met great people, learned a bunch, and developed my leadership skills greatly.

Good luck, and ask any questions you need to ask!
Can anybody please help out ,I need to know what the ETL-remodel ,Sr. Team Lead -remodel and the Plano Team Lead are each Responsible for. The is saying he doesn't have to do much other then talk to contractors, and make sure that stuff gets ordered. Any information would help. Thanks for responding.
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