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Sep 17, 2011
Next week I have an interview for Pharmacy Technician position with ETL-Rx. I already had an experience with TL, PA and Elec TM interviews...

Is there anything specific about this interview? Any tips and suggestions? :buba:
I'll be doing some of these interviews in the upcoming weeks =)

I would emphasize your ability to work with others in a fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment. The technicians really are the cornerstone of the pharmacy. I would also like to emphasize that in the pharmacy the technicians are working within a few feet (or even inches) for 8-12 hours every day. Show your personality and say you would be fun to work with. As a pharmacist, I like to have fun while I work.
Just emphasize being:
Fast, fun, and friendly
A team player willing to learn new things
That you can solve problems on your own ie: asking for helping, memorizing drug names, looking up stuff on workbench would be examples that really happen at target.

To me when I have new technicians at work these few traits tell me if they will be a good tech or not, they always look for something to do, ask questions about new task or WHY they are doing something verses just being a robot and doing the task, they actually have taken time to learn brand-generic (I dont expect you to know all the top 200 drugs on day 1 but i hope as the weeks go on you have learned more and more), oh and working with a sense of urgency and being friendly with the guest.

Oh yeah just be yourself smile relax most often the biggest thing the pharmacist is looking for is a person that can fit in with the team and can be trained if you dont have prior experience. Because you can be the greatest tech in the world but if you have an abrasive personality it just wont work we work too close to put up with bull****.:girl_sigh:

I hope this helps. If you have a more specific question just ask.
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