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Jul 16, 2012
Does anyone use location #'s to find sl items. I'm going in circles trying to hang up clothes.
My o/n team has had the luxury of having the actual xerox's to work off of. Hanging clothes are always going to be NOP items but the tags generally have the xxx-xx-xxxx numbers on them and if you do it by gender, age, and brand block that helps as well. I know SL is tough, you kind of don't get trained and then thrown to the wolves. At least that's how it goes in my district/region.
That's why I don't generally go anywhere near softlines. Though one time, the softlines TL borrowed me to help with the insane amount of re-shop, and she had me work on shoes because shoes are located (as are items in the infant gondolas).
Thanks for the input everyone. Even though things are tough this site really helps
Not open for further replies.