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When i received my offer, my recruiter asked me for my ssn to start the background check process, i provided it & gave verbal authorization to start the process however i wasn't told whatkind of bg check was being performed. At my previous employer i was given forms to sign so i knew what was being verified. I have a security freeze on my credit because I'm purchasing my first home and don't want anything to negatively impact my score and no one can access it without me releasing authorization. I emailed my recruiter and want able to make contract so I contacted HR and they have me the # for lexis nexis, who told me they weren't checking my credit. They advised they're verifying criminal, retail theft, education and my ssn. So.. I have a few questions

Is it typical for Target not to run a credit check? My current employer did (i work in finance & insurance) And... Is the fact that i inquired about that going to raise a flag for them to want to access it? If they dodo it will lower my score and likely increase my interest rate on my mortgage and my real estate agent specifically told me not to allow anyone access to it so I'm worried. I'm assuming that since Lexis Nexis said that Target did not request that Target won't suddenly decide to run my credit after the fact...

Like usual I'm probably overthinking and panicking & probably need to calm down.. Its just that my start date is In 2weeks and dont want any delays lol.
Oct 17, 2012
Target doesn't need to know your credit score. How you spend your money has nothing to do with how you make your money. They won't check your credit.

Also, if they based your merit as an employee based off of your credit score, I'd be screwed, considering I started at Target just to make money to pay back some of my student loans and one that almost went into default.

You're going to be fine. Just take a deep breath, enjoy your Thanksgiving and celebrate the fact you don't have to work for another 2 weeks.
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