Am I right to be upset about my pathetic raise?

The plot thickens.

I even commented on this thread. 🤣
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If as a manager I knew someone was leaving, and I had another employee who was a good worker as well and I had to choose between the two for the top raise, I'm likely going to choose the one who is staying, or at least staying as far as I know.

Why am I going to reward an employee who has made it known that they are actively looking to leave?
Unless someone has given their notice, they're still an employee and will continue to be one. Performance is graded over the past year, not over what might possibly happen. Working hard previously shouldn't be discounted because someone is moving on.

That being said, OP already gave notice and then retracted it. I would say their whole leg, not just their foot, is already out the door.
Should you leaving have factored in to your raise percentage? Absolutely not. It's a review over your performance over the past year and nothing more.

However, this is Target/retail. After being with them over a few years you should be well aware of how they run things, and it certainly is rarely fair.

That being said, I am in agreement with several others in this thread...

Yes, you were done dirty review-wise. 100%. What you have to remember is that it's not always so cut-and-dry.

Target ETL's and SD's especially are going to look out for their own best interests (and honestly, they should. This is their career choice and they are in survival mode). If you're leaving and they have another TL who is staying (or perhaps isn't but hasn't said anything to give a heads up) and does the job just as well as you do/did, they will absolutely give the higher % to the one staying. Giving that better raise to the TL staying helps to ensure that TL will stay on and also continue to perform at that same level if not higher. In this area of business, it just makes sense. Do I think its "right"? Nope. But it's what it is.

Giving the store a heads up is ethical, and TBH you should be able to do that without worrying about repercussions. However, in retail it is something you'll want to keep to yourself for as long as possible. People can be catty whether they're stressed a top performer is leaving or they're jealous... so many reasons really.

If you've read any of my replies on other posts this might be repetitive.... but look out for yourself, and in this day-and-age do not trust that the other person is going to do right by you. 99 times out of 100 they will be looking out for themselves. Hope for the best outcome, but question everything.
So you’ve quit twice in the last year and had that behavior when you were leaving the first time. That’s why you’re raise is minimal.