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Jul 6, 2013
I thought that this was the best place to get some answers about my being paranoid about a situation.
OK, so it's my second week training as a cashier and I'm off today till thursday. But today HR asked me to pick up some shift if I can, this is the second time during my entire training, and I said no both times. Reason for this is because I saw my schedule next week, when I really start working, and I barely have any time off so I scheduled everything/errands I had to get done on the days I have off during my training weeks.
I was just wondering and being paranoid that they might be testing me for my flexibility? Do they do this? I'm kind of scared that I left a bad impression saying no both times they asked me to cover someone. Am I gonna get fired? lol

So do they "test" new team members on purpose to see if they're reliable? lol help!!! any insights? Thank You!
Not open for further replies.