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Jun 29, 2012
I was just curious to know if someone can explain to me why my card is on hold. I made 4 transactions the other day for $2 each and today when I used my target debit card it was declined. I called up customer service and they can't give me an answer as to why it is on hold, other then that I need to send in a copy of my bank account statement, a copy of my drivers license front and back and a copy of my Social Security card front and back faxed to said address if I want it to work again. I called back 3 other times to see if I was getting a run around but they kept on stating that they did not know why other then my file saying they need more information from me. I really don't want to fax all my information to i don't know where....... sigh
That's odd that they requested more information, but not odd that the card is on hold. There's a limit to how many transactions can be pending on the card at once. My Red Debit transactions don't tend to hit my bank until about 3 days after I make them (it varies from bank to bank), so I can only do one or two transactions a day without locking up the card. There's also a limit to how much cash back you can have pending at a time. If I take 40, the system won't let me do cash back again until the transaction clears the bank, even if the first transaction was the only one I've made in a week. Regular transactions are fine, just not cash back.
Check with your bank. It could be them that put a hold on your account. Are you able to do transactions elsewhere?
I've had banks put fraud alert holds on my account for unusual activity and sometimes you don't know they've done it until you're trying to make a purchase.
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