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Oct 31, 2011

sadly i havent found a place where i can actually report an employee that higher then i was suggested i should talk to HR or an ETL for advice but the target im working for all the ETL and LOD is friends with the TL i wanna report. so complaining about there unrealistic work habit wont get me anywhere. so then i wish to search for someone higher i would talk to the SM but tbh since ive been working at target ive seen him once LOL. Now i also found out that my Aunt at the target office building she travels alot to different target worldwide to see how the store is maintaining. ive sent her my issue. but i wanna get this problem solved.atm everyone that works at my target are scared to lose there job since target is the easiest place to get a job.

So can someone lead me to a place where i can send an email about another member, i mean tbh if i had a paper i can get the entire softline and hardline team to put there initial and vouche about having issues with the same TL.
Document the events, report your concerns to your hr. if you contact the hotline first, they will call your Stl & etl about it. Talk to your store leadership first. Welcome!
Awesome, and Thank You

tbh though this is the 2nd time ive had a major issue with the TL. but today she crossed the line and since being she'd probably wet herself if i went verbally i decided to walk away and continue doing my caf's.
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One of my team leads told me, her team member, to ************ off. That was a fun one. No consequences for the team lead though.... and yes I'm sure of that..
The whole position system is a conspiracy some TL are nice and some just take advantage of there position just to push the labor to the limit. this is the same TL that recommended me to work in the morning. on Saturday i worked from 7PM till 11:30PM then i had to wake up on Sunday at 4AM till 12:30PM. i thought by law they have to give you atleast 8hr difference before working again. i had like 4-5 hours asleep. but the fact that i didnt complain about it because Target is the easiest place to get a job is why i try not to get fired. but at this point i rather work at walmart which is has the same crappy team but i atleast know everyone there since i shop there LOL.
Write it down, keep it professional, leave out the personal (anything that has to do with your feelings), go back and re-read it later to see if it sounds legitimate, then talk to HR.
Keep in mind that the results you seek might not be apparent right away and will not be discussed with you.
If there is any retaliation there is any retaliation then you have the Hotline as an option.
meh o well lol. i got terminated today, my performance is apparently good but and what target wants but the fact that i had a conflict with the same TL twice is why i got terminated. The GSTL and people that i met in guest service that worked there for more then 10+ years, were disappointed about my job being terminated. they tried to keep me but it seem like the Target in Northridge only go by who they favor more. The TL i had conflict with apparently has gotten many other people terminated as well. With all the same reason on how she pushes not only old member but even fresh new hired member to the point where they would call her ass out. lol

at this point im considering talking to someone i know that works in the EEOC agency, because how did my performance meet target expectation as a successor but got terminated over 2 minor conflict with the TL.
meh o well lol. i got terminated today, .

Well, now that you are terminated, what exactly went on with you and the TL? (No names please)

Kinda hard to determine if you were at fault by what you have told so far. Our opinions, good or bad, might help you with your next job.
You must of been on final. Now the battle begins with unemployment. Op needs his docs in order without delay.
Well, now that you are terminated, what exactly went on with you and the TL? (No names please)

Kinda hard to determine if you were at fault by what you have told so far. Our opinions, good or bad, might help you with your next job.

Hmm decided to stop by check if my account was still here, i actually met up with one of the HR during my lunch break at my new job. he actually told me everything that happen i mean he could be lying to get me to think otherwise but he didnt seem the type that would lie i suppose. He goes on about how the management system is like that and that if i havent notice the Target we work at isnt very professional. They have so many problems that if sudden new member have such minor problem such as myself. Theyll just terminate you. He read my review that they are only 2 incident i had with a TL and the rest of the review on other days are good. He even told me ive been awarded 14 recognition card in 2 weeks by hardline, backroom and frontlanes as back up. i was a newbie cause tbh i never knew anything about recognition cards. to me everyday was just goto work go home sleep then work again. He just told me to try and re-apply in a few monthes. i told him Target was fun the newbie and the oldies were nice if i had someone else told me to do something there be no conflict and he even explain that, that TL is basically notorious in getting people terminated its why Target thought she'd be a good candidate for that. and that not only Employee have issue with her, Guest Survey mostly point out to her negative attitude with Guest.

Either im right or wrong, it doesnt matter to me anymore for an HR to tell me that, that TL is known to have problems with new member. in my way im not at fault here. and not only that ive got recognition cards also (that i didnt know about till the other day) so i mean i must be doing a good job. usually while zoning or pulling caf's i have my watch set example the TL tells me Zone toys ill give you 30mins i set my watch 30mins, ive gone through 8/10 Aisle in 15mins she comes back and tell me that ive been there for an hour and im like how that possible i clocked in like 15mins ago o.o so that was a total fail on her part. but whatever.

Now pulling Caf's depending on what caf i pull its about 10mins max average is around 5mins not exactly but less then 10mins. i write on a paper on how many caf's i pull a day and also let my ETL know what caf's i pulled. 2 worse area to restock and zone well 3 for zone. HBA/Market and Toys. so everyday i roughly pull 12-15 cafs the max i pulled was 20 but that was because there was something wrong with the computer it kept telling to restock when it wanst necessary usually that happen when the 2nd location on the planogram gets removed but the computers hasnt been updated or vice versa.

i think my progress at target wasnt like phenomenal but was indeed satisfactory 2hours i pull cafs and 2 hours zone. if its a 4hr shift. my 7hr usually i pull cafs and zone the aisle i just restock till mid day zone which is mainly Infants/HBA, That or my other 7hr shift is 4hrs of signing then lunch and 2hrs pulling cafs. both my 4hour and 7hour days i do frontlane back up about 5times max a day and that takes about 5-10mins max. Rarely i get call that last up to 30mins that happen about 3 times. and yes i still remember them 1 was about choosing between a swifter or a mop the other one was vacuum and other one was about shavers. all in all they asked for my opinion.

But yea thanks guys for helping me with this issue, ill tell my friends that still work at target about this site ^_^.the oldies at target gave me there number and said if i couldnt come back to target to use there name for another job as references. i was Thankful. as for the TL well im sure Karma will get her some day.
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my suggestion is to not discuss on why you left. for ex: just say my responabilies were: i'd provided great guest service, did assigned tasks with & with out direction, etc....
you may not get a new job if you tell the hr that you have prior conflicts/issues with leadership or directions from spot.
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