Starbucks Drive Ups and the Double Tap


Nov 23, 2023
The double tap issue with drive-ups and Starbucks is really becoming a problem. That's when guests tap the "I'm On the Way" button in the Target app to pick up their drive-up order, then they'll tap "I'm here" right after. When they click that they're on the way, the option to order Starbucks pops up, then when the guest taps that they're at the store, the Starbucks order comes in with 0 minutes on the order. At roll out for Starbucks drive-ups, we were told it would cut off at 5 minutes away, but clearly that's not the case.

At my store, that means we have a couple of drive-up delivery employees who stand at the hand-off station, giving us dirty looks, demanding their Starbucks order. I'm sorry to say, if I have a line of guests waiting for their drinks, the drive-up that comes in with 0 minutes and starts counting up in time is getting slotted in with the rest of them. I'm not going to stop making the drinks for other guests just to make a drive-up order. (One of our drive-up employees even went to an ETL to complain that I wasn't making the drive-up order fast enough... to be clear, I was making the drink. I was just ALSO making the two other drinks for the guests this employee was blocking from the hand-off station as she demanded her drive-up drink. Because we only have one espresso machine, she had to wait maybe a whole three minutes...)

Anyway, my point in this post is two-fold, really. First, the system really needs to flash a notice or something to the guests waiting for their drive-up orders that there may be a delay in their delivery due to Starbucks volume levels if they're double tapping. And secondly, if you're a drive-up employee, please be considerate to the Starbucks employees who have to deal with the double taps. We're not ignoring your drinks, even if they come in with no time to make them. We're still going to make them. I promise. But we're on the same team here...
It’s incredibly frustrating. What is most annoying is that I personally feel like the solution is simple. There should be a 5 min buffer between im on my way and I’m here.

Same feature like the digital lines for things like console releases etc. Someone should be able to code that up in 24hrs.
This annoys me so much. We get so many double taps, and some of the seasonal hires have given us major attitude all season, and when you're understaffed, not scheduled properly, and have a line all the way to the door, you can't exactly get these orders out quickly. We've even had our ETL talk to us about how the drive ups should jump ahead of everything. We've also been fussed at because we had to cancel an item and the guest left a bad review (for drive up) but since it was a Starbucks item they were complaining about, we got fussed at for the review.
We've even had our ETL talk to us about how the drive ups should jump ahead of everything.
Aw, HELL no!!!!
I've had people get out of line & LEAVE if we spend more time on drive ups than the bodies in line.
I'm not blowing my connection score simply because Susan would rather sit in her Lexus instead of waiting in line.
We’ve even had some with location services turned on double tap for starbucks drive up. It will literally say 0 mins with starbucks and here is pressed within 30 seconds. It’s so annoying.

Starbucks DU is very lowly rated at my store.
Most of our guests rate us bad on that, but they still continue to order. The wait is long especially on weekends and quality issues, but if a drink sits for 20 mins (30 is the max) I would expect it to be slightly watered down or something.
Target NEEDS to implement a requirement for location services to be enabled in the app if a guest even wants to do a drive-up. That would hopefully make the number of double-taps decrease, and as others have already said, they also need to put minimums for the time between tapping "on the way" and "here." Will Target do this? Of course not
Duplicate order should be a minimum of 10 items. What a waste to bring Susan mascara and her starbucks drink.
Has anyone had this happen: guest orders Starbucks takes to long to get it, drink gets cancelled then guest places new order for same drink. It happened at my store twice. We throw away their drink because they take too long and they get to order a new one.
Only once or twice but it wasn't SB that took too long; it sat at the pick-up table for a awhile before we retrieved it & pitched it.